The Difference Between a Box Spring and a Foundation

When it comes to choosing a bed with box spring or with foundation, we all will get confused because it is too easy to get puzzled with this two terminology and more so because people do not know how minutely different are these two from each other.

A box spring is typically made from wood, and the springs are kept in a steel grid pattern. Box springs generally go with mattresses having inner springs. Frankly speaking, the entire industry shifted from typical box spring to foundation around 20 years ago. However, they still use the term called box spring in place of foundation because people are accustomed to that terminology.

A foundation is a strong flat structure constructed by wood. It is made with a flat grooved board on top of it. There are some foundations which are of metal as well. A foundation will help the mattresses with great support because the grooved board prevents the basic sagging of the mattresses and thus all types of mattresses can be used with foundation.

Box spring will not be as strong as a foundation because though it offers support to the mattress, it cannot be an even support. Because of which mattress gets sagged over a period of time and small lumps are being created all over the mattress where the support is lacking. However a foundation will offer an even support all over the mattress and which is why mattress becomes more durable.

The box spring will help you to absorb the shock from either the rapid or from any abnormal type of movement while in and out of bed. Where a foundation will only offer its help to absorb the shock comes from a rapid movement.

Because of the low-cost components, box springs are comparatively cheaper than foundations because foundation will have a solid board which would cost you more.

Box spring helps to increase the height of the bed and thus it offers space under the bed to store multiple things. For thick mattresses and high beds, low-profile box springs will be better options (Read more info here). A foundation helps to raise the sleeping surface to the optimum level, and they are also available with low-profile options.

A box spring demands rotation after a certain period as it loses its supportive qualities after frequent usage. However, having a simple plane surface, the foundation does not require you to be bothered about its changes so frequently.

So to conclude, whether a box spring or a foundation, both are recommended for most of the mattresses sold in the market. Also in many such cases, a suitable base will be helpful to maintain the warranty of the mattresses valid.

Hence before you decide on the type of bed, you want to go with asking yourself these questions so that you become sure of your purchasing decision.

  • Have you used the box spring or the foundation for more than at least three to four years?
  • Have you experienced sagging or other types of wear on your current mattress by using the same foundation or box spring?
  • Are you sure the slats used in your bed is good enough to keep warranty of your mattress?

Once you are done with answering these questions, go ahead to make a purchase.