Dogs Are For Life: A Guide To Getting A New Puppy

Animals really do bring so much joy into our everyday lives, so it’s no wonder that so many of us are keen to take them onboard as pets. A new puppy can enhance family life; sadly, however, too many people forget the huge commitment that comes alongside deciding to get a puppy. As with all pets, it’s super important to have the right set up, to allow them to thrive and live their best life in a new home.

Here’s what should be considered carefully, if a new puppy is on the horizon.

Make Sure That You Actually Want A Dog

Without a doubt, dogs are one of the most rewarding pets to bring into family life. Loyal, obedient, and adorable, there are so many reasons to own one. But, with that said there are also many other pet options that may require less of your time and dedication. A dog lives up to 13 years on average and, that’s a lot of time! Too many dogs are given up and handed over to shelters because puppies grow up into adult dogs, and the owners don’t consider this beforehand. A solution can be proactive dog training in Melbourne.

Why Not Adopt Instead Of Shop?

There are so many dogs out there in need of new homes. Head out to local shelters to meet some of them in need of loving homes. It’s highly likely that there will be a lovely companion out there, who hasn’t had the best start in life. All animals should be cared for, therefore, consider giving a dog a second chance by adopting!

Be Sure To Prepare

As touched upon, dogs require a ton of attention and time. This is especially true if a puppy is coming into your family home, so make sure to prepare in every way possible as you would with any new family member. Puppy-proof a home by kitting it out with the essentials and make sure that the pet will have everything it needs to flourish.

  • Creating a safe space to explore – puppies will require an adequate area of the house in which they can begin to explore initially. Make sure to consider this by closing off an area to introduce them. They’ll be keen to chew, and this is natural, so put away anything that could potentially be damaged. You may also want to explore pet door options such as Hale’s door model dog door so you can train your puppy to use a dog door right away.
  • Clear away harmful plants – lots of plants are toxic to puppies, be sensible, and keep them out of reach. Typically this includes mistletoe, poinsettia, amaryllis, and holly but be sure to research first!
  • Get the essentials – visit a local pet store and ask for guidance on all the things needed to bring a puppy into a home. Dogs need a bed, food, dishes, toys for stimulation, leashes for walks, and of course, health products.
  • Think about training – while puppies are quite literally little bundles of joy, they can be exhausting to train. Teaching them to sit or give paw doesn’t really matter here, it’s all about introducing a puppy to training early on for development in many areas. Delders Dogs has a wealth of information on two-way communication and positive and fun puppy training that will reinforce good behavior, giving a better understanding of what to expect.