Smart Phone Repair Lake Canyon

Anyone who want to step into this industry of Smartphone repair Lake Canyon or in fact anywhere will find it tricky work, but they must have a good understanding and knowledge of the repairing tools, those unique and dedicated tools required for repairing a smartphone of any brand with efficiency and effectiveness.

Smartphone repair tools or of course costly and good investment is necessary if you want to get it right. So if you are thinking of long term career/business then invest in good tools and the best products available in the market. Try not to go for cheap products, because cheaper equipment sometimes will fail, and you get what you pay for as that say. So, it is better to choose the expensive and branded tools as that will be value for money and last longer for your trade.

But when buying smartphone repairing tools remember that smartphones are very sensitive and most parts inside any smartphone are almost all sensitive to ESD or Static Electricity. That’s why, it is very important to buy ESD- Safe tools for repairing smartphones. Here are just some of the good repairing tools and tips on each.

The List of Smartphone Repair Tools-

  1. Soldering Iron-It is good to always buy a good quality ESD-Safe soldering iron which will give you the ability to solder small components like resistor, diode, capacitor, speaker, transistor, regulator, microphone, display etc. We recommend for smartphone repair a 50-watt soldering iron as the best choice. Also look out for an easy to hold soldering iron for good grip or else you have a good chance of maybe burning your hand. Make sure it has an option to choose and select different types and shapes of soldering tips or bits.
  2. Soldering Station– In general a soldering station is divided into two parts- The station and the soldering iron. A soldering station controls the temperature of the soldering job depending on your heat requirement. You can of course buy a separate soldering iron, or you can just buy the soldering station. The soldering iron is always attached with the soldering station, so the soldering work becomes much easier and quick than a traditional soldering iron. When buying a soldering station for cell phone repairing, please select an ESD-Safe (Antistatic) model. Weller and Hakko are two world renowned brands that manufacture the best quality soldering tools. A soldering station is one of the most important repairing tools for cell or smartphone repair. So, when buying, buy carefully.
  3. PCB Holder/Stand- PCB means Printed circuit board. A PCB holder or stand is used to keep in place any phone on the time of soldering or repairing. It creates a proper grip on the PCB that the phone does not move while repairing or soldering and it increases the quality of the work. The PCB is very important equipment to work properly in repairing smartphones, so always buy a good quality PCB holder, there are many good PCB holders out there at a low price.
  4. Solder Wire-In the main to solder components IC or jumper. The most solder wire consists 60:40 or 63:37 ration of Tin and Lead. For cell phone repairing you need 0.5mm solder wire is best.