Free criminal background checks or paid for ones for potential employees

Free criminal background checks are one way to check someone is not lying to you. Checking someone’s background is very common now when they are applying for a job. After the usual checks of SRS number and dates of birth as well as job history and criminal checks. This article lists some of the other checks that can be done.

The employer may want to check driving records; this will let them know if the candidate has any driving convictions. For this particular check the client’s consent is generally required. This is especially relevant for jobs that will involve an element of or full time driving. This will also include things such as traffic tickets, crashes and drunk driving for instance.

Sometimes people may have licenses for a variety of things; these can include a license to be an attorney, a medical practitioner such as a doctor, a license to have a gun, a pilot license and so on. These will give some indication of the person’s character and lifestyle. It will also show if there have been any restrictions to their license or any violations. Also having a gun license can give you the opportunity to question the individual as to why they have this license.

Military records can also be checked. There is an awful lot of information contained therein; this includes the dates of service, address on release, final assignment and rank, any medals and then the reason for leaving the military. Again, it will usually require permission from the applicant to obtain this information

You can also check a person is not lying about their education. Transcripts of enrolments from university or college can be obtained along with the grades or credits achieved. Again, this requires permission, but if someone refuses permission then you would assume they were lying anyway, so it is a win, win situation for the new employer. Sometimes official companies who carry out these checks can contract previous employers or colleagues for a character and work assessment. This is a very personal way to obtain information.

Other people that will get checks can be landlords for new tenants, they want to make sure that they are paid and the tenant cares for the property. A due diligence check if you are wanting to enter into a business partnership. Checking up on a new partner or someone from a dating site. Checking out that your nanny is reliable and can drive safely.

Basically, anywhere where the stakes are high, and the applicant has everything to gain through lying then a check could be made. The gain for your business for doing the check is also potentially great. You can avoid problems for other employees and a very bad reputation and even prevent being sued if you ensure that you have taken available steps to check someone’s credentials before allowing them to work for your business and have contact with your other employees. Spending that little bit of money upfront on a checking agency really can save you an awful lot in the long run.