Why Are Bahamas Yacht Rentals So Popular?

When you look at lists of the very best boating destinations you always see the Bahamas together with other iconic destinations like St Martin, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico and Aruba. Few understand why this is the case. Countless enthusiasts look for Bahamas yacht rentals right now, all because standout features that simply make the location different. This is what we will talk about right now in order to highlight why this is one of the most popular yachting destinations from all around the world.

You Can Sail Across 700 Islands

The Bahamas is not just one island you can visit. It is actually a huge archipelago. Just consider the fact that the official names of the parts of the Bahamas are The Exumas, The Abacos and so on. If we are to get technical, The Bahamas is made out of different archipelagos that cover over 2000 cays and 700 islands.

Some time ago The Bahamas tried to promote all of the islands. This was quite overwhelming. Nowadays, only some are promoted. Because of this, there are areas that are filled with tourists and areas that are completely remote.

The archipelago is vast. This is a really high differentiating virtue to consider. As you cruse through islands, it seems that the little island oases never end. Sailors can actually pick a private beach and conquer an entire island, thus creating a highly romantic, secluded experience.

You Can Drop Anchor In Various Places

No matter in what part of the Caribbean you want to go, you will need to think about where the anchor will be dropped. When you choose The Bahamas there are numerous options that will offer so many vacation experiences. Private islands that have incredible marinas are available, like Compass Cay or Highbourne Cay. Also, you do not necessarily need a marina when you can choose a sight that is incredible right in the middle of the water that surrounds islands. Sea National Park and Exuma Land actually have mooring spots that are providing safe harbor and that are available.

If you want to have a highly immersive encounter that teaches you a lot about local culture, Out Islands like Elbow Cay stand out as wonderful, luxurious and quaint destinations boaters simply love. If you are looking for an experience that is more remote, you can consider Green Turtle or the Berry Islands. Even Nassau is an incredible island city that gives you access to a lively urban nightlife and numerous mega resorts.

World Class Rental Opportunities

The Bahamas is particularly popular for US boaters since it is close and not much fuel is necessary to reach a wonderful travel destination. This practically means that it is so easy to bring your own yacht and enjoy world-class travel experiences. However, if you do not want to deal with the hassle, the Bahamas yacht rental options available are simply fantastic. It is really easy to find something that is going to perfectly match the wishes you have from your vacation. Just be sure that you conduct a good research before and work with the highly reputable rental companies.