How To Save Money For Your Wedding Without Living Like A Hermit


Weddings can happen any time of year and are always primarily a happy and exciting time, sometimes filled with a bit of stress and wondering how you might find the time  to prepare everything just perfectly and just as you want it. It can be an absolute worry trying to figure out how to pay for a wedding – especially if you’re planning to have a larger fancy kind of party. There are lots of things you can do to save money, but a lot of them involve basically being a hermit for the months preceding your wedding (and sometimes afterwards too as you scrimp pennies to pay off the caterers, florists and photographer). Sounds like a bit of a drag doesn’t it? Well read on to hear about a couple of great ways you can save for your big day (and most other things, too!) without having to put your social life on hiatus in the run up.

Consider Your Outgoings

So, you have a wedding coming up and you need to make a few changes in your spending. Probably the best thing to do first off is to have a look and see what your monthly outgoings are. Are you paying for things that you could downsize or get rid of altogether? Maybe your significant other and yourself recently moved in together and one of you has put much of your stuff in storage. That can be expensive right? Of course it can. There’s two things you can do in that instance – either switch providers by choosing a cheaper storage option, or maybe consider hosting a garage or rummage sale where you can sell off doubles of things you have and get a bit of extra side cash that way.

Car Options That Don’t Hurt


If you’re in dire need of a new car that doesn’t wreak havoc on the pocketbook, you might think that you’re out of luck and resigned to having to buy an old beater that turns out to be a lemon from an auto trading website or out of the classified section of your newspaper. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong, and you can actually instead get personal cars on lease, essentially renting them for use for a lower price per month, with the option to buying the car outright at the end of the lease term, which can help you not only purchase that new car, but also keep driving something attractive and in excellent condition, without having to compromise price.

Wanting To Decorate Your New Pad?


Have you been considering doing up your home or flat before the wedding, just in time for you and your partner to move in, all cosy and snug and ready to start your life together, but now you’re thinking that’s a pipe dream that’s heading down the drain pretty quickly because of cost? Never fear – doing up one or two things at a time can be surprisingly affordable and can inject a lot of life into an older place if you pick the right renovation to start with. For example, flooring and carpeting is a great starting point because it’s a main feature point that doesn’t need to be costly or time consuming and it brightens and brings new life to the space. Vinyl flooring tiles are a great way to simulate an expensive granite or wood flooring without breaking the bank, and with all the possible looks and styles available today, the only thing stopping you will be agreeing on the colour and look.

Paying For Out Of Town Guests?

Do you have some out of town guests coming in for your wedding and you’ve offered to pay, only to be shocked at the price of hotels in the centre of town or near your venue? Hotels can be pricey and sometimes unpredictable in comfort, style and quality, even if they’re highly rated. Take the guesswork and the cost out of hosting out of town guests via hotel and book them instead into modern holiday apartment for less than the cost of a hotel. This will also help them save money on things like food, as dining out can be expensive. With the modern apartments, they are free to cook their own meals, which is an added bonus for anyone with sensitive food allergies or special dietary requirements.

So there you have a couple of great ways to save up for a wedding without killing your social life, scrimping on plans or sacrificing your killer style. So save up and enjoy your day!