Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Heli Ski

Thrill seekers, adventurers, and skiing enthusiasts all have something they share in common: none of them want to waste their time doing the status-quo. Why go on the same holiday everyone else is booking, when there are so many different parts of the world waiting to be explored. Take, for example, Golden, British Columbia — a town nestled in the basin of the Rocky Mountains. Their peaks are where you’ll find untouched powder and unlimited vertical are only a helicopter ride away.

Yes, you read that correctly, a helicopter. Though it may sound strange, it’s the only way to reach these remote parts of the Rockies. Despite its novelty, the sport has somewhat of a long history, originating in British Columbia back in the 1950s. What started with only one man and his friends has spread so that people around the world can experience the thrill of the Rockies. Boutique operators like BC’s Great Canadian Heli-Skiing have continued on this tradition by offering exclusive access to the secluded peaks. But before you secure a customized package for your first experience keep reading to learn why you should try heli skiing.

1.Forget lines and crowds. Ski lodges are fine, but we’ve all been stuck in the winding line for the chairlift or chalet bar. You will get an entirely different feel for skiing when you accompany a small group, around 4 people, and avoid the lines altogether. There is nothing greater than landing on the top of the mountain and having it all to yourself.

  1. Location, location, location. British Colombia is one of the most beautiful ski locations in the world. The pristine mountains offer excellent ski and snowboarding conditions. What is more, they attract the top guides and ski professionals, assuring you are in the best hands during your heliski trip.
  2. Adrenaline Fuel-Up. Let’s face it, even the most content skiers lose some of their enthusiasm when they frequent the same trails over and over again. Heli-skiing brings the challenge to the next level, offering unfamiliarity and a keen sense of adventure (don’t worry, your guides always have your back).You will be sure to have an adrenaline-packed experience when heli-skiing in British Columbia.
  3. The Views. When the helicopter first leaves you on the top of the mountain, you will be shocked at the purity that exists high above traditional ski resorts. The snow is pure white and powdery fresh. You will literally make your own mark on top the mountain! There is nothing like looking up and seeing two fresh streak in the powder and knowing those are yours. You’ll definitely find it hard to resist taking a million selfies.
  4. Bragging Rights. It’s exciting to hear about everyone’s ski vacations: the wild slopes, excellent powder, and never ending comforts of the lodge. But nobody is going to top your selfies with the Rockies as your background. You’re sure to win over everyone’s ski stories when you enter a helicopter into the mix.

Seize the opportunity to bring this season’s ski trip to the next level. Find a heli-ski service in British Columbia that will offer you the freedom of new trails, with extraordinary comforts of the lodge. Heli-skiing is a truly unique experience that is guaranteed to give you memories that will last a lifetime!