The Ultimate Guide for Buying a Sports Car

Under the definition of ‘sports car’ you can fit hundreds of cars, ranging from models having only a couple of sports features to full packages of sporty styling and performance characteristics. Sports cars come in all types of available cars, including coupes, sedans, hatchbacks, and even roadsters. Most commonly sports cars are associated with high speeds, noisy rides, high prices, and limited cargo space. Below we would like to offer you several things to consider when purchasing your sports car.

Key Things to Consider

As a rule, sports car is a vehicle that is bought for speed and comfort as well as some showing off; it is not used in the everyday life as well. This is why when you are buying a sporty vehicles fuel economy should not be your main concern. Sports cars are for sunny Sundays and beach travels to have fun and the feeling of uniqueness. The classy representatives of these automobiles are Ford Mustang, Mazda Miata, or Porsche Boxster epitomizing the genre.

Experts advise verifying the view sports car that you are aiming to purchase. They explain that coupe designs, for instance, tend to severely restrict rear visibility. So make sure that you do not compromise appearance to functionality.


Handling is another reason why people love sports cars. The way these machines react to the road and the driver are unforgettable. With a sports vehicle you buy quick steering response, minimal body lean, and communicative steering feedback. Exactly these characteristics frequently become the decisive ones. But professionals warn that you might not feel it after the first 5 minutes test-drive, this is something that comes a little later.

Drive Wheels

A lot of sports cars have a rear-wheel drive because it tends to provide better weight distribution as well as superior directional response to a vehicle. For you, as a driver, it means that you will be able to finesse the car in the turns by using the throttle and rotate the back end of the machine in a controlled and entertaining, fashion.

Of course, there are also vehicles with the front-wheel drive, but they are less fun and exciting to drive at high speeds. If you do not plan to drive extremely fast, then there will basically be no difference to you.


Be ready that most sports cars, and especially roadsters, can pose some challenge for entering and exiting. If you are a young and athletic driver then low, heavily bolstered seats, arched rooflines, and short doors will be great, if not – beware. Rear seats can also be pretty challenging for access, of course, if there are any. Some modern vehicles have a convenient one-hand-operation for the front seats scooting.


Most sporty cars produced today come with ultra-high-performance summer tires instead of the all-season tires that are common for all other types of cars. If you, for instance, buy Mercedes in a sporty package you will feel that such tires dramatically increase a handling response and car’s grip on both dry and wet roads.