How Switching to a Combi Boiler Can Save You Money

worker set up central gas heating boiler at home

Boilers can get very pricey but are a necessity. Here is how switching to a combi boiler can save you money and can work better than your old boiler.

5,596 kWh in Wales. 4,478 kWh in the South East. 4,193 in the East of England.

When it comes to yearly average energy consumption per household, these three regions take the lead. The North East and the South West also average in the 4,000s, at 4,005 kWh and 4,002 kWh respectively.

This translates to hundreds of pounds that go to electricity. Precious money that you could otherwise save a lot of. If you only had an energy-efficient, properly-working combi boiler.

That’s right. Seeing as 60% of your energy use goes to heating alone, this means your heating systems can raise your costs even more.

So, if you’re in the 26% of homes that don’t have this type of boiler yet, now’s the best time to consider making the switch. Knowing how it can save you money will let you realise why you should make the switch ASAP.

A Quick Combi Boiler 101

Combi boilers, which many experts and homeowners recommend as the best boilers, are the most popular in the heating equipment market. And for several good reasons.

To put things in perspective, here’s a quick stat on their popularity:

They account for nearly three-quarters of recent boiler purchases.

There are two primary reasons for their popularity: convenience and space saving features. Their name comes from the fact that they are essentially a combination of space heating and water heating equipment.

In other words, they control the heating of the home itself and that of the water. Because the control lies in just a single unit, you don’t have to get a separate water tank.

There’s also their compact feature, which saves a lot of space. This makes it ideal for small homes or those with limited spaces.

And in the U.K., this means numerous households, seeing as it has some of the smallest new homes in Europe.

The Difference from Conventional Boilers

Conventional systems are generally water heating-only units. In most cases, they consist of two storage tanks for (cold) water and a hot water tank. So, there are three tanks, to be specific.

A combi boiler, as mentioned above, provides hot water without requiring another tank. Simply put, you just turn the hot water tap on and the boiler immediately fires up. It then heats the water that comes out of the pipes.

Again, because it doesn’t have a water tank, it doesn’t have to first heat water and store it somewhere else. It’s much like “heat-as-you-go,” so they only use energy for the heating process when you have a shower or a tap on.

The elimination of pre-heating and storing the heated water then reduces the need for energy. And as a result, this makes them more energy-efficient. Ultimately, you benefit from lower electricity bills.

Quick and Easy Installation Make Them Great as a Replacement

On average, boilers can last anywhere from a decade to a decade and a half. But you may already notice problems with your existing one before it reaches 10 years old.

Conversely, it may last longer than the estimate. You should still consider replacement though. For the simple reason of increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

In any case, a boiler that has too many energy-efficient issues because of age may already need a replacement. You can also benefit from replacing your still-functional but old one to avoid pricey repairs. This usually happens when technicians may no longer find exact replacement parts.

A combi boiler is a great replacement choice. Their small size and compactness allow for easy mounting on the wall. This simple installation process means lower odds of needing additional construction work.

This is one of the primary reasons these two-in-one heating machines have become so popular in the U.K.

Better Technology Means Better Living Conditions

Whether you’re in the process of renovating your home or you simply want some improvements in your living conditions, it pays to consider technology updates.

Especially when such an upgrade can save you hundreds of pounds in a year.

Think about it. Your current water heater has continuously shown signs of disrepair. Sometimes, it doesn’t even give you hot water when you need it the most.

Then, take this as a sign to bid it goodbye and move on to a new heater. Your current one is giving you a lot of headaches, not to mention eating up more energy.

A new boiler, whatever the kind, is much more energy-efficient. Take your choice to the next level with a combi boiler, and you can enjoy an even greater energy-efficiency boost.

Again, the higher the energy-efficiency rating of an equipment, the less electricity it uses. And the less reliance it has on energy, the lower your electricity bills.

The Value-Added Benefit of Saving Space

The space-saving feature is actually the top reason most UK homeowners choose a combi boiler. Many of them find out later the nice surprise about its money-saving qualities.

With this boiler, you can do away with all those tanks. This means saving a lot of precious space in your home. In the UK where a lot of houses have limited space, this can be very useful.

Of course, you still need to use some space for the boiler. But imagine how much space you can free without the two additional tanks.

You can then use all the freed-up space for improving the aesthetics and overall liveability of your home. So, you get to save money while also increasing your property’s value! How’s that for value-added benefits?

Doing Away with Energy Waste

It’s also worthy to note how conventional boilers waste quite a lot of electricity.

In homes equipped with traditional boilers, it’s common for water heating to happen twice. Obviously, this means energy consumption two times in a day.

The thing about regular boilers is that the water they heated before when left unused will only cool down. And once you need hot water after it has cooled down, the boiler would have to repeat the heating process.

That’s a complete waste of energy right there.

With a combi boiler, you can just heat as you go. Which translates to considerable energy savings. Or from another point of view, reduced energy waste.

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