How Much Does It Cost to Get a Full Mouth of Dental Implants?

Photo credit: Matt Madd

The dental situation when a patient does not have one tooth in one or both jaws, or when all existing teeth are indicated for extraction is called total toothless. In order to eliminate this condition, fixed dental work or dentures fixed with dental implants are used. They return more than 90% of the functionality in comparing to the patient’s natural jaw. Traditional dentures rehabilitate the patient by about 60%. This tells us that full mouth implants have a great advantage over the prosthesis.

The number of implants that are usually mounted for a fixed jaw is from four to six. In order for fixed dental work to withstand the load, it is necessary to install a number of artificial screws rather than dental prostheses where a part of the load is transferred from the prosthesis to soft tissues. In addition to the number of screws, the complexity, reliability, and durability of fixed work are also influenced by the type of crowns, the base of which can be metal or zirconium.

The final factor is the choice of implants. This complex issue is difficult to answer, but many years of experience have shown that the cheapest implant is generally not the best solution, because it can bring a lot of complications later on to help you decide you may check Nationwide Dental Implants.

Once you know the type of implants it can be used multi-level and high-end implants, so you can not make a mistake of choosing which one to choose, but the fact is that they are the most expensive. Premium implants are perfect in the design itself, the dental screed, as well as in all the other components needed for the construction of implant abutment crowns.

In practice, it has been shown that the first stage of dental implant intervention is between 7 and 14 days. On the first day, all the teeth that need to be practiced are taken out and they are moving into the creation of temporary dental prostheses, for which the production takes about five days. In these first few days, in one session, all titanium implants are installed. After seven days of implant surgery, the prosthesis, which has been made in the meantime, is adapted to allow the patient the easiest adaptation to the temporary dental prosthesis. In the second phase, after a minimum of three months in the lower and four months in the upper jaw from the installation of dental titanium screws, the dental crowns are mounted, thus the process is complete.

How many implants do you need for your mouth?

In order to hold the jaw, usually, four to six implants are needed. When installing maximum six dental titanium implants, one large construction of fixed dental work has to be made, while eight are made from parts, which is safer and more precise. Second, if it happens that some of the six dental implants do not get in the bone, then there is a problem because the five implants are not enough to support dental work. Thirdly, the solution of potential complications is significantly easier if the fixed dental work is from the parts itself, so that only one part can be removed. It is possible to do fixed dental work on six titanium implants, as patients often insist on this because of the lower price, but it is necessary that patients should be warned that this system entails certain risks.

How much are the costs?

Since most people regard dental implants as cosmetic procedures, this is a complex process and requires qualified professionals. If it’s done in the US territory, it’s not that cheap option. If all the teeth are missing, implants with teeth for the whole mouth cost about $40,000. The price can go higher if we take into consideration the traditional method, as well as the quality of the implant. As we have already stated several times, the price also depends on the overall condition of your gums and jaw bones. Implants of whole mouths are a big investment, but it brings many benefits that are paid in financial terms. Also, there is a cheaper option if you opt for all-on-4 (the number of dental implants) procedure, where the price per arch usually costs about $15,000 so you can save your money.

You need to be aware that these are just starting prices. The actual costs that accompany the preparation and analysis of the condition of your oral health become much greater (consultations, X-rays, CT scanner, control visits, every part of the implant and surgical procedures).

If we compare dental implants with traditional prostheses, they are fixed in place and without the need for adhesives. They are an excellent option for those who are missing a few teeth in a row. Increasing costs can also affect this if you need to have to remove a few more of your teeth for fixing the entire arch.

How to find cheaper implants?

The best way is to explore around. If you are not satisfied with the prices in your environment, expand your search to nearby cities. If that means you will save up to several hundred dollars, nothing will stop you from deciding on it. It is a general rule that service prices in some smaller urban areas are cheaper than in large cities, all in line with real-estate prices in the area. But if there is a big competition between dentists in one place, it will also affect price cuts and more choices.

Is it cheaper abroad?

Many people who can not afford private dental services in the United States look for other alternatives with more affordable prices, where some can save up to 70% of implant costs. Traveling abroad for dental interests has become known as “dental tourism”. If you opt for this type of solution, your dental tourism can be easily turned into the real one if you choose exotic destinations that offer cheap dental services like Costa Rica, Philippines or Thailand. You can also find a selection in some of the European countries that are known for their high-quality dental work. Although the services are cheaper, it is necessary to check and how much stay would cost there.