What Cat Breed Is Right for Me?

Your cat’s breed will help you determine its requirements, quirks, personality, and common health risks. If you adopt an abandoned kitten or one from your neighbor’s cat or a pet shelter, chances are you have a mixed breed cat. Purebred cats are tightly controlled and breeders must be registered with a legitimate cat association.

Pure-breed vs. crossbreed vs. mixed-breed

Purebred cats, also termed pedigree cats are selectively bred to establish well-defined characteristics in appearance, temperament, and behavior. These cats come with official records of their gene pool and ancestry. Do note that most if not all purebred cats are only allowed adoption after spaying or neutering. If you opt to adopt rescues, check out breed clubs.

Crossbred or hybrid cats are bred to keep desirable characteristics of a chosen wild cat and a domestic cat. Crossbred cats that grow in popularity are later established as purebreds of their own right like the Bengal cat or an experimental purebred like the Cheetoh cat. These cat breeds are often large with unique traits like large spots, big ears, and long legs.

Finally, there are the mixed-breeds. Breeding of these cats are not controlled. Most feral cats, abandoned kittens, and senior cats at your local shelter are mixed breed cats.

Non-pedigree cats are less predictable and they have lower chances of developing hereditary conditions. Mixed-breed males are often tolerant while females are more dominant.

If you want to learn about the unique traits of a certain breed, you can look up registered breeders near you or find a breeders club, adoption center, or attend a cat show. Breeders and adoption counselors can help you find the right breed that suits your preferences and lifestyle. With a non-pedigree cat, ask the pet shelter volunteer or their previous cat guardian.


A new cat can cost you anywhere between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. If you have your heart set on a purebred cat, it is wise to buy from a registered breeder. Your local vet can help you find a registered breeder near you. Be sure the cat has official papers or else you cannot be sure it is 100% purebred.

Purebreds can get pricey, ranging from $800 to $20,000. Some of the most expensive cat breeds include the sweet Ragdoll, the Scottish Fold with its peculiar ears, the canine-like Siberian Forest Cat, the hairless Sphynx cat and Peterbalds, the fluffy Maine Coon, and hybrids like the Bengal and Savannah.

Other Considerations

When choosing the right cat breed, you will be faced with a plethora of options from size to color and distinct features. Cats also have different personalities. Exotic cat breeds are full of energy while Persian cats are more reserved.

Also, consider the level of care your new cat will need. If you love spending nights brushing your cat’s mane, long-haired cats are right for you. If not, opt for a short-haired cat instead.

Before you finalize your selection, gather as much information as you can about the cat breed you want to adopt. If you get overwhelmed, My Feline Buddy can help narrow down your options with popular choices like cats with big ears, big nose, and large cats.