How Can A Financial Advisor Help Your Family?


We live in a World where costs seem to be rising all of the time and unfortunately for many, our rates of pay don’t quite seem to fall in line with the rise of the cost of living. For this reason, many of us have become far more financially aware than ever before. Having lived through the booming 90s where it felt like money was abundant, I too had to learn how to better take control of my finances in recent years.

We have a family friend named Patrick Dwyer financial advisor and all round good guy who told me some years ago that I should consult a financial advisor. At the time I felt it was an unnecessary expense but I took his advice and did so, it turned out to be a great decision and here is exactly why you ought to consult one to help your family’s finances.

Better Deals

The first thing that my financial advisor did for me, ini the space of just a a few days as well, was to get me a better rate on my mortgage and put me in touch with cheaper energy suppliers. I couldn’t believe it, in just a matter of days she had significantly lowered my monthly expenditure. Financial advisors perfectly understand the financial market and where the best deals can be had and if you think that paying for advice is a cost, I can tell you that they will pay for themselves in no time at all.

Bank Accounts

Another change which my financial advisor changed for us was the bank accounts, she recommended a savings account which paid me a far higher yield on my savings as well as a current account with far more benefits than the one which I’d had for over 20 years. I never even considered changing my bank accounts before, I just figure they were all the same as each other, one week with the advisor and I thought very differently.

Family Planning

The best piece of advice which I received from the advisor came when we started talking about planning for the future. I have 2 children who I hope will one day go to college, I am around 15 years away from retirement age and I didn’t have a great life insurance policy in place. Our advisor worked log and hard to find us some great savings accounts, retirement plans and stellar life insurance, all of which have contributed to me getting a better night’s sleep!

A financial advisor does not just help you and the family to make a budget or tell you where you should and shouldn’t be spending your money. A good financial advisor will help your family by looking at every aspect of your finances, both now and in the future, and give you advice on steps that you can be taking to put yourself in a far better financial position.