Health, Wellness and Money – Picking The Right Solicitor



If you’ve found yourself on the unlucky end of accidents or workplace issues that could involve compensation, you might feel a little lost, alone and worried about what the future could hold in terms of what to do about getting things squared away in terms what is owed to you and the like. It can be especially harrowing if an accident or issue leaves you unable to work. Securing the financial future for you and your family can be stressful and something you really don’t need when you’re trying to get well. That’s why Slater and Gordon Solicitors are here. Read ahead to learn about some of their great services and why they’re the number one solicitor group to choose for workplace or personal injury.

Workplace Injury

If you’d been injured on the job through no fault of your own, you aren’t alone. Workplace injuries can happen even if all the care in the world is taken. Mechanical failures and accidents can happen, causing injury to any number of people and sometimes your insurance through work just doesn’t pay out enough, if at all.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury can happen anytime and to anyone as well and quite often it’s not covered in a lot of insurance policies. This can be injuries resulting from car accidents, slipping on wet floors, or any number of other accidental mishaps. Slater and Gordon have specially trained solicitors that can help you get money owed for personal injury claims, helping you sleep better at night instead of worrying about bills and providing for your family.

Asbestos Claims

Like workplace injury, asbestos claims can stem from a workplace that had asbestos present in the building up until the point where it was banned from building materials. Asbestos can lead to severe, inoperable and incurable forms of cancer which can shorted life expectancy and cause undue stress and upset, so Slater and Gordon have lawyers prepared to deal with asbestos claims to ensure you can relax and be worry free about finances while unable to work or undergoing any treatments related to asbestos illnesses and diseases.

Property Legal Services

If you have been thinking about moving home sometime soon, Slater and Gordon also have a great team of property lawyers, some of which are even trained in international property law, meaning that your dream of owning a summer home in the Algarve or Costa Brava is even closer than you imagine!

So there you have a couple of great reasons to choose Slater and Gordon as your next solicitor. With so many topics and areas covered, you won’t be left wondering who is best for the job – they can help pair you with the perfect solicitor for your specific situation and needs. Check out the useful infographic below for more information.