Cheap, Good Quality Motorcycle Tires

Whatever the mode of transport you are using or driving, one of the most important part of the vehicle is the tires. Many people tend to focus on the engine parts of the vehicle to keep it running smoothly and forget about the tires. As long as the vehicle can move and run on the road, many drivers do not check their tires regularly. Not many know how tires of vehicles can affect the safety of driving on the road. It is more so for motorcycles because motorcycles have only two tires to balance on.

Here are some useful tips on tire checks:

Tire Tread – Tires need tread patterns for the purpose of providing good traction. There are various ways to check your tire treads. You can either go for an expert check or do a simple check on your own. If you look closely at the tire tread patterns, you will notice the tread wear indicator bar in the grooves of the tire. If you find the treads of the tire having worn down to almost the same level of the indicator bar, then it is time to change your tires. Do not wait till even the indicator bars have been worn down or the tire is almost bald to change your tire.

Tire Pressure – Check your tire pressure regularly with pressure gauge or whenever you are at the petrol station. The pressure in the tires affect the life span or durability of your tires, petrol consumption and the safe handling of your vehicle. Tires that are not inflated properly get damaged and worn out faster than properly inflated ones. Properly inflated tires help better and safer handling of the vehicle during turnings and emergency manoeuvres. It also help reduce flat tires and blowouts. Under inflated tires causes more road surface resistance that will cause extra fuel usage. For car drivers, you can refer to the label stuck to the driver’s door jamb to know how much to inflate the tires. The reading is expressed in “psi” unit.

The above tips applies to all tires. For motorcycles, it is of utmost importance to use good quality tires for safety. Good quality tires do not necessary means expensive tires. Cheap and good quality tires can be found if you know where to find them. You can get cheap motorcycle tires online and one of the websites is Available on site are street tires, Harley tires, or touring bike tires. You can even have your questions concerning tires answered and all order exceeding $99, enjoys free shipping!