Advantages of Man and Van Services over Van Hire Services

There are different ways of moving items from one place to another. The most popular ideas are hiring a man with a van and hiring a van. Most moving companies in Cheltenham offer both services. Although both ways are ideal, there are several reasons to hire a man and van service rather than van hire.

You get a pair of hands

Transporting items from one place to another is not an easy task. By hiring a man with a van, you are assured of an extra pair of hands to help you load and offload items. These men are trained and experienced in loading and offloading. Men with vans make moving easy by eliminating the need to hire other people.

Experienced men

Moving is more than hiring a van. The truth is, one van is as good as another. What makes the difference is the man behind the wheel. Besides offering a pair of hands, these men have experience in safe loading and offloading. They are also familiar with the roads and can guarantee the safety of items while in transit.


Hiring a van creates a lot of inconveniences. First, you have to get the van from the hiring company. After delivering your items, you have to take the van back to the company. Moreover, you have to do all this within a specified time. You can avoid all these inconveniences by hiring a man with van Cheltenham offers. The moving company provides you with a van and a professional driver to move your items at your convenience.


Hiring a van may seem cheaper than hiring a man with a van. However, you will be surprised when you calculate the total costs and compare them. First, you need to consider the cost of van hire, fuel and loading and offloading expenses. You may also have to pay an insurance charge to the company. Contrary to this, hiring a man with a van entails an overall cost including everything for your move.

Short-term storage

One of the additional services you can enjoy is storage. A man with a van can keep your items at the storage facility for a short time. You can’t enjoy such services by hiring a van. You may have to look for other places to store your items.

Personal service

Man and van services are personalised and friendly. Once hired, the company is responsible for the safe delivery of your items. These professionals also offer timely communication. You will be informed when your items are delivered.

Choosing a man with a van is a great choice when moving office equipment. However, it is essential to note that there are hundreds of men with vans in Cheltenham. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the best man and van service. Make sure that you compare their services and prices to find the right company. You can request several quotes to compare the cost of hiring a professional man with a van in Cheltenham.