Go Back to the Reason Why You Left When You’re about to Give Up

You don’t need to feel guilty when you start to regret why you left home in search of a more financially stable job elsewhere. Your new environment isn’t easy to adjust to. You can’t quickly make friends. Even if you do, they’re not the same as the ones you had before. Therefore, if you want to give up and return to where you came from, it is understandable.

Before you make a rush judgement, though, you need to reconsider your decision and take time to think about the consequences.

You worked hard to get there

Start by thinking about what you did to get to where you are now. You’re lucky to have the chance to take a post that pays better. You waited for a long time to reach that place, and it would be a terrible idea for you to give up right away.

Think about your future

Apart from looking back at what you did to get to a better position, you also need to consider what will happen if you give up now. You will be taking your entire family on this roller coaster journey, and they don’t deserve it. You already decided to leave and take a post elsewhere. You need to stand by that decision or at least give it a few more months before you decide that it’s not right for you.

You might not have the chance again

You grabbed this job because you knew it was a rare opportunity. If you decide to give up now, you won’t have the chance again. You’ll also face the consequence of not staying longer in a leadership role. It would be embarrassing for your future job applications. You won’t receive the trust of other leaders since you failed your previous leadership position.

Keep working hard

You need to study your new job or get to know the people you work with. When you work hard and improve your ability to do well, it will be easy for you to stay in your job. Once you get used to your work and you’re happy about it, you will relax and avoid regretting you took the job in the first place.

There are better things ahead

You feel terrible right now because everything seems new to you. Eventually, things will start turning around, and you will feel satisfied with your decision. You will discover what else the new city has to offer and be glad that you made that choice. If you don’t think you have enough friends now, you will meet new people soon.

Wait for some time before you decide that you made a terrible decision to leave. You chose that path, and you need to stand by the decision.

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