5 Reasons Why You Need to Get To Grips With a Pressure Washer

Properties all over the country fall victim to moss growing on patios, dirt gathering on the side of the property and vehicles amassing all manner of grime, bugs and who knows what else. For this reason I decided to contact the guys at Capital Equipment hire last year, a company who my firm have used to hire road sweepers for many years, to hire a pressure washer in an attempt to clear things up. I was unsure at first as to how well the pressure washer would fare coming up against such volumes of dirt and I am pleased to say that it passed with flying colors! If you suffer issues like those mentioned above, here are 5 reasons why you need to get your hands on a pressure washer. 


The first point I want to make is that these machines are relentless and they won’t quit before they have cleared every scrap of muck and grime from whatever surface you are trying to clean up. I have used all manner of products on my patio which have failed but the washer simply blasted the dirt and moss right out of there. This machine works, and it works every single time.

No Permanent Damage

Whether it is a vehicle, your property or the outdoors area of your property, dirt, mould, mildew, bacteria, algae or stains can actually cause permanent damage. Take your car for example, if dirt is allowed to stay there for too long it will stick fast to the paintwork and then when it does come off, it’ll bring that paint straight off with it. Regular pressure washing can prevent permanent damage.

Maintain Value

Through the use of a pressure washer you can not only maintain your property or vehicles but you will also be able to ensure that you do your best to maintain their value. Chipped paint on vehicles, deep-set dirt on the side of a property are surefire ways to decrease their value somewhat which is why regular maintenance will help you yo maximize their value.


If you operate a business then cleaning up with a pressure washer is about far more than just keeping things clean and tidy, it is also about keeping your employees healthy. Dust, mold and allergen can travel through the air with ease and be breathed in by your employees which can result in a number of airborne viruses, and can even result in breathing issues, especially for those with pre-existing conditions. If you work in any kind of factory, agriculture warehouse or construction setting then keeping everything pressure washed will ensure that you won’t be causing damage to the health of your employees.


Finally it must be said that following a good pressure washing session, the surface which you have been working on will look great, it will be clean, shiny and ready to go and get dirty again. A property which has a pressure washed car, patio and home will look infinitely more attractive than one which has not seen the powers of this majestical cleaning tool.

Don’t sleep on it, go get that pressure washer today.