Buying a new home? Why you should not skip a structural inspection

Many costs go into buying a new home: taxes, legal fees, and removal costs. They usually add up and if you keep a close eye on your expenses, you might be tempted to cut corners. That being said, you should never turn down the chance to pay for a structural inspection: you might be making a big mistake that will cost you dearly in the long run.

Here are the reasons why you should always pay for a structural inspection and the big problems that you could encounter if you turn it down:

Standard inspections are not enough

The inspection done on a property before you buy it is not enough to prove that your investment is sound. This basic inspection is conducted for the purpose of valuation and does not highlight the defects that are not obvious. On the other hand, a homebuyer’s inspection is more thorough but focuses on the general condition of a house.

If you want to be sure about the structural integrity of your property, you need to hire a licensed professional structural engineer to look at its structural condition.

It saves on money

The structural appraisal of a property costs a few hundred dollars. Although you might be trying to keep costs down, failure to check a property’s structural integrity could end up costing you tens of thousands in future. You should really have an inspection before putting your signature on any papers as it is in your best interests.

If the engineer finds problems during the inspection, you will have grounds to negotiate the asking price or a good reason to check elsewhere. Purchasing a house is expensive; you do not have to make it more so.

Dangers of not having a thorough inspection

What types of things do you miss if you do not have a thorough inspection? Sadly, there could be hidden defects everywhere: behind the walls and floorboards or concealed by the seller. Foundation issues are a big problem and they cost too much time and money to fix.

Whether you are dealing with electrical problems, plumbing issues, or roofing faults, they all cost money to repair. Without an inspection report, you will end up footing the bill. You also need to be on the lookout for pests and bugs, which can be a real nightmare.

It gives you confidence

A home inspection report will ultimately give you the confidence to purchase a new house without worrying. As already mentioned, this is a big investment on your part and it can be very disappointing when you run into issues after moving into your new home.

Getting a report will give you the full summary of a property’s condition, giving you confidence in your new home. Knowing that your new residence is in good condition will allow you to have peace of mind. Even if there are expenses that you can avoid when buying a new home, a thorough inspection should not be one of them, especially when considering new homes in Townsville to ensure your investment is sound.

A home inspector cannot detect structural problems, only an engineer can see them. However, if the inspector sees a crack in your walls or notices problems with the foundation, his license requires him to recommend a structural inspection.

The problem with this is that structural issues are not always apparent – so you need the services of a licensed engineer before buying condos in Atlanta.


An engineer will let you know whether the structural condition of your home is considerable in terms of durability of the building, potential costs of repair, and safety. Not only is it expensive to repair a structurally unsound building, but also unsafe to live in one.