4 Signs Your Relationship May Be in Trouble

It’s hard to acknowledge that you have a problem when you love someone, or maybe you’ve had a feeling that something is increasingly wrong, and you’re looking for answers. To help, here are four critical signs that there’s something seriously wrong between you and your partner.

1. You Want Completely Different Things

This means that your idea of the perfect future is entirely different from your partner’s. It may be a sudden change of heart, a need to change your priorities, or just a gradual disagreement about what the future means. Where it’s okay to have different lifestyle tastes and interests, a healthy relationship needs to be working towards the same future goal.

A change in priorities can happen any time in a relationship, whether it’s a few months in, a year down the line, or after ten years of a happy marriage. Should you find that you no longer see a future with your partner and need legal advice, you can consult divorce lawyers in Augusta GA.

2. You Don’t Trust Each Other

There’s no compromise when it comes to trust. There, unfortunately, can’t only be ‘a little bit of trust.’ There either is trust, or there isn’t – and if it’s the latter, this is a serious issue for a successful relationship. Love has to be built on trust; otherwise, negative emotions can be bred, such as paranoia, low-self esteem, and unfounded worries and accusations.

Lack of trust can be due to many things, and it’s essential to tackle the issue with honesty. Is the lack of trust due to you being a distrustful person and your partner hasn’t actually done anything wrong? Has your partner previously done something untrustworthy which you can’t forgive them for? Knowing where your trust issues stem from means you can either work on them or make the decision to end the relationship.

3. You Bring Out the Worst in Each Other

If all the relationship is fueling is bitterness and arguments, which even stems into the time spent away from them, this is a huge red flag. You may not even notice it, but your friends or family may have commented on how irritable or stressed you suddenly seem, even if you tell them that everything is okay. You may also have lost all the previous joy and motivation you had for life. If this happens, it’s time to reassess.

4. You Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore

Losing your identity in a relationship is a serious issue. You should never feel like you are less than yourself or that you have lost yourself because of being with a specific partner. A good partner should encourage your personality, not stifle it. Not knowing who you are may also stem from being in a bad relationship where you feel you have to constantly change your actions and words to suit your partner, or to avoid conflict.

For a relationship to work, you need to have room to be you. You shouldn’t compromise your own interests and passions to fulfill your partner’s.