Time Saving Tips For Busy People


It’s coming up that time of year where the busy get even busier and it can be hard to keep track of everything you’re meant to do in a day, along with all the added stress and tasks that come along with the Christmas season, especially if you have kids. Saving time is every parent’s dream – just a few minutes a day to be able to sit and relax. But how can you start saving time and taking advantage of some great ways to capture a few minutes for yourself every day? Here are some great time saving tips.

Tasks That Can Migrate To Being Done Online

You might spend tons of time lining up at the bank, the grocery store or even just running to the shop to get your weekly lottery tickets. A lot of people ask “can I play the lottery online?” and the answer is yes! You definitely can! Not only that, but you can have access to tons of other online lottery games as well which will help you save time (and sometimes money, too) so you can have a ticket into more than just one lottery at a time. Other tasks that can be migrated online include shopping for various products, sometimes even grocery shopping depending on your region and your local stores. Many libraries are also starting to go digital where you can reserve books online and then literally just pick them up in the library without having to go looking for them. Banking is also a huge online time saver these days with almost every bank offering online banking, including applying for loans and mortgages.

Quick Wins

This is a term that gets tossed around in some areas of the business world and it refers to doing the short, easiest tasks first that you can get done in literally ten or fifteen minutes that leave you with more time to focus on your larger, more demanding tasks. Making the beds? Putting the laundry away or putting it in the machine or dryer? Those can be considered quick wins that you can do right now that won’t take long at all and will save you time later when it’s 9pm and you’re thinking “I totally forgot!”.

Meal Prep

This is a huge time problem for parents and busy individuals. It takes a lot of time to actually create wholesome, healthy meals for the family, and many people these days find themselves reaching for those microwaveable ready meals or fast food to feed themselves and their family because after all, who wants to come home by 6pm, cook and then eat it. By the time you’ve done all that it’s going for 8pm and most of your evening has been taken up by cooking, never mind having to get the kids ready for bed and more! The concept of “Meals for a Month” is a hugely popular way of meal prep whereby you literally devote a weekend to making enough meals to freeze for a month, which you can take out of the freezer before work and defrost while you’re at work then whack on the stove or in the oven when you get home and it’s a wholesome, healthy meal in record time! It saves money too!

There you have a couple great time saving tips for busy professionals or parents who are looking for ways to consolidate their time spent running errands or taking care of the family. Try out some of these suggestions today and see how saving time really can be just this easy!