The New Xbox One X


Microsoft will be releasing its latest addition to the Xbox range in November this year and it is called the Xbox One X.  It is available for pre-order from various online stores.  Microsoft have also released a limited edition of this new console, “Project Scorpio Edition” and will also be available in November.

A Few Changes

There are a few slight changes with the pre-order Xbox One X.  The Scorpio edition has the words “Project Scorpio” on the console and on the controller and a graphic pattern is found across the exterior of the console.  The new Xbox One X will be compatible with all games that could be played on the original Xbox One and visa versa. For gamers, having one of these consoles will be like hitting the jackpot at a CAD casino, and Microsoft knows this.

Specs of the Xbox One X

So the question at this point is, is it worth it to pay the extra to buy the Xbox One X.  To start with it offers better quality graphics and has a 6 Teraflop GPU which allows for 4K games to look more real, more detailed and the animations are smoother.  Graphics will load quicker with more detail with a memory bandwidth of 326 GB per second, which helps to keep the momentum going while playing.

The new Xbox is capable of 4K gaming, which can be classed as the next step up from HD.  It also has 4K Blu-ray.  It comes with more processing power, up to 40% more, and is much more powerful than the Xbox One and the new PlayStation 4 Pro.  It uses HDR lighting which makes the visuals much clearer and colours are much more vivid and when it comes to shadows the detail is better.  Gamers will need to have a 4K TV that has HDR support in order to get the best out of the Xbox One X.

It has an 8-core custom AMD CPU which is clocked at 2.3 GHZ which means a better quality AI with greater detail and gaming interactions are smoother.  The Xbox One X has more memory and the console comes with 12GB GDDR5 which makes gaming faster and more powerful which also means quicker loading.  It has 8GB of flash memory and 1TB HDD internal storage and has a power port, 2 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, IR out, S/PDIF and an Ethernet port.

Because of all the extra power one would expect the console to heat up and be noisy, but on the contrary the Xbox One X has advanced liquid cooling with a centrifugal fan to make sure the console stays cool.  In order for the console to be more powerful and consume less power the Xbox One X uses what is known as the Hovis method, a power system that will custom tune each consoles voltage.

The Xbox One X is being hailed as the most powerful gaming console ever developed and according to Microsoft it is also the smallest console ever made.

Even though games and movies will play and look better on the Xbox One X, Microsoft has said that all games should be compatible on any of the other Xbox consoles.  Microsoft announced this as part of their goal to have a unified gaming ecosystem which will be carried across all Windows 10 devices.

The Xbox One X is a powerful console and if gamers can afford to upgrade it would definitely be worth it.  With all of the extra processing power and 4K graphics this console seems to be the best buy out there at the moment.