The Benefits of Adding Bone Broth in Your Meal

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Traditional foods are often held in high esteem for their clear health benefits. One of the more popular healing foods that is exploding in popularity is bone broth. The world is beginning to understand it’s incredible health benefits. Made by simmering the bones of any grass fed meat from your favourite organic butchers in a slow cooker. This long, low, slow cooking draws all the nutrients & healing properties out the bones. Free range butchers can supply you with quality bones from grass fed meat that will work wonders. Read on & find out how this superfood is so remarkable.

Helps heal your gut

Bone broth produces gelatine (found in the joints) which helps seal up holes in intestines. This helps cure ailments such as diarrhea & constipation. There is even evidence of bone broth helping with some food intolerances.

Because the broth is easily digested it soothes the digestive system. Many other foods can be difficult to fully break down which isn’t ideal for digestion. Bone broth really is your guy’s best friend.

Immune support

Bone broth contains a heap of minerals. The bone marrow in the broth can help strengthen your immune system. You wonder why people have been insisting you have chicken soup when you’re sick.

Stronger bones

A trio of goodies (magnesium, phosphorus and calcium) are found in the broth. These are essential foundations for healthy bones. Stronger bones mean a stronger body putting you in better shape to take on each day.

Protect your joints

Bone broth is a good source of glucosamine which helps with joint pain. Bone broth also contains chondroitin sulphate which has helps prevent osteoarthritis.

It’s cheap & easy to make

The best bone broth is made from the quality bones of grass fed meat from an organic butcher. These ingredients produce the best form of broth that’ll have you singing its praises in no time.

Look and feel younger

We all want to look longer. Luckily, we can achieve that with bone broth. This is due to it being a rich source of collagen. You’ll recognise collagen from all the beauty products peddled these days. Drinking it is cheaper than paying for those products and can make your skin, hair, and nails look far better.

Sleep & memory benefits

Bone broth contains glycine. Studies show that glycine helps people sleep better and longer. It is also shown to help improve memory in people of all ages.

More energy

Everyone wants more energy. Luckily everyone who uses bone broth notices an energy boost. Not exactly scientific, but the hordes of people affected can’t be wrong. Just do a quick search online & you’ll be convinced.

Now it’s time to go out and make your own bone broth. Organic butchers such as are your best bet for high quality ingredients. Bones that come from grass fed meat at free range butchers will give you the best broth possible. Get ready to experience the health benefits of bone broth.