How to Make Sure Your Toddler Is Safe on a Trampoline

Kids just want to have fun, we all know that, and it is really difficult to deny it to them. They enjoy themselves, and while they are occupied with a fun activity, you can also get some time for yourself. However, the first and most important requirement in any children’s play is safety. Trampolines and the amusement parks with trampolines are one of the most popular places to have fun, and not without a reason. The kids really enjoy jumping up and down and it seems they can never get tired of that.

However, there is always the concern about safety which should be taken very seriously. It is somewhat easier to estimate and ensure the safety of older children, but toddler safety comes as a real challenge.

Here is how trampoline park experts at Uptown Jungle Peoria make sure children are safe on trampolines. It is much easier to ensure safety on a home trampoline, but there are also amusement parks which guarantee high safety level, and this is how to recognize them.

Supervise the Kids

Whatever activity we are talking about, there should always be someone keeping an eye on children. If you are in an amusement park, there should always be at least one, and preferably more persons in charge of supervising the children getting on and off the trampolines, as well as their behavior while they are on the trampoline. Many injuries and incidents can be prevented in this way. Of course, it is difficult to trust someone with your children, so you can also check for yourself for a while and make sure the supervision is adequate and efficient. It would be ideal, if possible, to keep the older children and toddlers on different trampolines as this could increase safety.

Make Sure There Are Pads and Safety Nets

Every trampoline should have pads and safety nets. The pads should cover all the hard places on the trampoline, such as hooks, springs and frame, which are the common cause of injuries. These pads should ideally be of different, clearly contrasting color so the children can easily distinguish which parts to avoid, and where it is safe to jump.

Safety nets are also important as they should prevent falling from the trampoline, even though they are not a full guarantee there will be no injuries, as they are often caused by different things. In any case, even with all these safety add-ons, the supervision is still a must.

Regular Trampoline Checkups

If you have one at home, you can do it yourself, but if you’re in an amusement park, you will probably want to have some kind of guarantee that the trampolines are regularly inspected for any kind of irregularity. The trampoline should not be damaged by any means in any way. So it is really important there are no detachments, rips or tears.

Also, it is crucial that the mat itself is always clear, without any objects on it. Again, you should pay attention to the pads and make sure all the springs, hooks and frame are covered with them, that the pads are not moved or damaged.

There Should Be Rules

Ideally, there should be only one child on the trampoline at a time, as having more children jumping at the same, no matter how fun it may seem, is one of the most common causes of injuries. They can have limited time, to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the jumping. Also, there should be a clear list of things that are allowed and not allowed while on the trampoline, what type of moves and behavior are highly unsafe. For example, flips and similar moves should be forbidden as they greatly increase the risk of injuries. All this should be clearly conveyed to children.