How to Get a Perfect Night of Sleep

We can’t argue with science, especially when it is telling us that we need to ensure that we get plenty of sleep, after all, who can argue with that! The key to having sufficient energy and focus during the day however is not just about getting enough hours of sleep, it is also about the hours which you do get being quality sleep, something which isn’t always easy.

I have tried for many years to work out how to get the best possible quality of sleep and thought I’d share a few tips with you to improve yours.


Beds and mattresses may appear expensive at first but you really need to consider just how much time you will be spending on the bed. If you sleep for 7 hours each nigh, that is just under a third of your day, put another way, that is roughly 4 months of the year that you spend sleeping, can you really afford not to have a comfortable bed for that amount of time? I purchased the most comfortable bed I’ve ever had from Adjustamatic, it was a little more than I’d usually spend but it is super comfortable and moves with me through the night, if you want a great nights sleep then definitely invest in a good bed.


When it comes to getting a good night of sleep, the key is in the preparation and if done right, you can guarantee yourself some good quality sleep. The first step is to try and get into a routine and go to bed at the same time each night, this will allow your body to start shutting down at the right time. When it comes to being in bed, you need to avoid distractions, watching the television or playing with your phone will awaken your brain and prevent it from entering ‘sleep mode’. I like to read before bed, specifically fiction as I feel that non-fiction also wakes my brain up too much. There is a reason why we read stories to children before they sleep and just because you have grown up, that shouldn’t stop.


It’s important that through the night your body is in a comfortable position which helps your spine and whilst you may move around in the night, a good starting position can help you out. Two pillows are far better than 1 or 3 when it comes to being in the perfect position as this will allow your spine to lay comfortably. Equally, I always find that using a pillow between my legs or hugging a pillow can also help when it comes to the position I have in bed and I think they actually help me to stay in position.


Excessive light or noise is a surefire way to low quality sleep and you need to do all that you can to drown out the noise and darken the room. If you live in a naturally light or noisy place then use items such as a sleep mask or ear plugs to ensure that you avoid it.

Here are some tips from #SleepExperts on how to get a great night of good quality sleep.