Make your face a wrinkle free zone

As you approach middle age, the fact that you are getting older begins to hit home. As the years go by, you may find yourself scanning your face in a bid to find your first wrinkle. This is not a healthy thing to do, as adopting this mindset will only make them arrive ahead of schedule.

However, there is positive action you can take to stave off their initial appearance. Below, we’ll help you uncover your own personal Fountain of Youth, which can be found through making deliberate healthy lifestyle choices. 

1) Make use of creams and lotions

On the market, you’ll find many topical products which use vitamins, nutrients, and compounds to hold off the appearance of wrinkles. Many of these also help to obscure these unsightly marks when they finally rear their ugly head.

Jeunesse is one of the big players in the anti-aging niche, producing products which have helped people appear youthful despite their advanced age.

With record revenues over the past few years, trying their cremes may be a good start if you are looking to keep the wrinkles at bay.

Additionally, try to find other products to add to your arsenal which have alpha-hydroxy acids, retinoids, and topical vitamins like C & K in their list of ingredients.

This is just a partial list of elements that are beneficial to your skin – get out there and do your own homework, and you will find the perfect blend of products that will help save your skin.

2) Avoid unnecessary sun exposure

The sun may feel good on a warm summer’s day, but be aware that every second you are exposed does damage to your skin.

While you lay there in your hammock, UV radiation is messing up your DNA, resulting in replacement skin growing back rougher, thinner, and eventually, with wrinkles.

If you want to avoid the worst damage, stay out of the sun during the midday hours, which is usually 10 am – 3 pm.

Plan on being outside during these hours? Wear sunblock with a rating of 15 SPF or greater, as not only it will guard against wrinkles, but it will protect you against the threat of malignant melanoma, which is one of the deadliest cancers out there.

3) Stop smoking cigarettes

You can damage your skin even when you aren’t out in the sun. Like to smoke regularly? When you have a cigarette, your body releases a compound which breaks down the collagen and elastin in your face.

Over time, regular smokers end up having skin that is 40% thinner and noticeably more wrinkled compared to their non-smoking peers.

Quit, and your skin will thank you in the long run.

4) Get a full night’s sleep

Know how new parents look much older after only 2-3 years? A chronic lack of sleep is one of their biggest complaints. This condition has been shown to lead to an excess of cortisol building up in the body.

The breakdown of skin cells is one of its most infamous effects, so it is no surprise that chronically sleep-deprived people look much older than their age.

By getting at least seven solid hours of sleep per night, you’ll lower your cortisol levels while elevating your HGH count (aka human growth hormone). This compound has a positive impact on your skin, leaving it thick and elastic.

So go ahead: punch that snooze button. You’re getting your beauty rest!