Five Tips for Moving Toward a Simpler, Minimalist Lifestyle

Anti-consumerism isn’t a buzzphrase: it’s a lifestyle.

The benefits of learning to live with less “stuff” and find fulfillment elsewhere on your own terms well-documented. Likewise, walking away from the modern culture of consumerism inevitably leaves more money in your pocket as you focus more your personal endeavors.

Now, embracing a more minimalist lifestyle does not mean falling off the face of the earth or becoming a total loner. In short, minimalism means finding happiness on your own terms by spending less and appreciating what you already have.

So, how can you embrace the ideals of simplified, minimalist living? Consider the following five tips to ease yourself into the lifestyle.

Start Working with Your Hands

Whether through growing your own food or getting started with hobbies such as woodworking, getting your hands dirty will ultimately bring you closer to nature. In an era where we consume so much in terms of entertainment and information, it’s important to take the time to create and nurture your own personal projects.

If you get serious about working with your hands, chances are you’ll need to a dedicated space for your labor. Whether through a steel arched building or personal shed, having a specific space for your projects will help provide you a sense of focus and peace as you use your labor as an opportunity to “get away” from the stresses of day-to-day life.

Consume Less Digital Media

We spend more time glued to our phones than ever before. We’re constantly bombarded marketing messages which ultimately lead to a sense of information overload. The rise of social media likewise makes us feel that there’s something constantly going on, when in reality such media merely serves as a distraction.

As a result, strive to spend less time consuming and more time doing. While you don’t necessarily need to cut the cord with all technology, try to practice mindfulness when you spend time online. Consider also the benefits of regular reading and unplugging from electronics, including increased focus and the ability to rest easier.

Embrace the Great Outdoors

Spending more time outdoors goes hand-in-hand with helping yourself disconnect from digital and spending more time focusing on bettering yourself. Beyond the rewards of exercise, you can likewise lessen your dependency on your personal vehicle by taking regular walks and bike-rides. Simply put, spending time outdoors is a totally free way to entertain and find yourself.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Competition is at the core of a consumerist culture. The idea of “keeping up” with society in terms of status, fashion and wealth ultimately leads to a rat race mentality which is both emotionally and financially draining. Focus first and foremost on what you want versus the expectations of society. Doing so will not only keep you happy but also keep cash in your pocket.

Get Rid of Your Clutter

Removing yourself from physical clutter can help provide you with peace of mind as you decide what personal items do and don’t truly contribute to your happiness. Ridding of yourself of your junk can be a liberating experience as you realize that you don’t need as much “stuff” to survive.

Minimalist living can most certainly be achieved without sacrificing your happiness. By learning to live with less, you not only save money but also establish a sense of inner peace.