Benefits of Playing Basketball

One of the best ways to maintain good fitness and stay healthy is through physical activity. This is why many people turn to sports for a fun and recreational activity which can also improve their wellbeing. Of course, this doesn’t only apply to adults, but to children as well. The sooner they start developing good habits, the better, and staying physically active is one of the best habits they can form. When it comes to the choosing a sport, one of the all-time favorites is basketball. And in case you were wondering why it’s so popular and what you can gain from playing it regularly, here are your answers.

It builds bone strength

Having strong bones is important, as our bones are what supports the muscles in our body and what shelters our internal organs from external harm. This is where basketball comes in. Through playing this incredible sport, you strengthen your bones by providing them with the minerals they need and forming new bone tissue. The movements you perform while playing tend to push and tug your muscles against your bones, making both of them stronger. This also means a lower chance of getting osteoporosis or breaking your bones. Finally, children and adolescents who play basketball may become taller for it, since the jumping and stretching your body on the court can also stretch their bones and help them develop better.

It encourages good cardiovascular health

Generally, all aerobic exercises can promote good cardiovascular function, and basketball is a form of an aerobic workout. While playing, you run a lot up and down the basketball court, while performing various movements with the ball. These activities increase your heart rate and are a great way to improve your cardiovascular endurance. This is why playing basketball leads to a lower risk of stroke or heart disease down the road.

It helps maintain a healthy weight

If you’ve gained several extra pounds, basketball can become your strongest and most reliable ally in reducing your weight. It’s pretty simple. Playing basketball implies a lot of jumping, running and all sorts of rapid lateral movements. As mentioned above, this is an amazing aerobic workout which can help you burn those excess calories. If your diet is loaded with calories and you don’t burn them through physical exercise, you can end up with more than just unwanted weight. Being overweight can lead to all sorts of health problems, most of which may be avoided through playing basketball regularly.

It boosts your immune system

One of the many wonderful benefits of playing basketball is the fact that it is very helpful with regulating your immune function. Basically, playing basketball leads to reducing the built-up stress, providing you with more energy and concentration. When you’re energetic and focused on your tasks, you’re also more relaxed. This can save some of your precious time. Plus, reduced stress and improved mood can make you more social, and being surrounded by people can help with fighting depression and anxiety. As your stress levels become lower, your immune function enhances, allowing your body to defend itself from different toxins, viruses and bacteria, which would otherwise make you ill.

It promotes better mental health

Not only does playing basketball require you to be physically skilled, but it also pushes you to think all the time. You have to be aware of your co-players’ and your opponents’ intentions, and you always have to be ready to react in the best possible way for the team. This can boost your self-esteem, but also your focus and self-discipline, while teaching you how to cope with the pressure of the game and make quick and smart decisions based on what you observe. Furthermore, practicing basketball can help you develop excellent motor skills and improve your coordination. And since it provides you with intense workout, it allows you to form better sleeping habits. To top it off, team sports like this one can do wonders for your people skills and teach you how to function well with others professionally and personally. In a lot of countries such as the US and Australia, being a member of a basketball team has a great significance, ad to wear recognizable basketball uniforms in Australia is a matter of pride. You are proud you are part of a team that you love and support and for which you give your all on the court.

In case you still haven’t made up your mind about which sport to take up, try basketball. You won’t regret it.