Need a Business Idea? Here Are 6

In order to run a business, you don’t need many resources or free time. Just because you have a busy family life, a demanding day job or because you’re short on cash, this doesn’t mean that your options are limited. These are, in fact, nothing but excuses. All that you need is the right business idea and a plan on how to pull it all off. With that in mind, here are several business ideas that you could start as a side-project and then, later on, grow into a full-time job.

1. A catering company

For those who have a strong creative side, love spending time in the kitchen and prefer to work on weekends, starting a catering company might be the thing for you. The downside lies in the fact that you might need to make some additional investments. You see, even though your kitchen might be in great shape, it’s one thing to prepare a meal for your family and something else entirely to create huge quantities of meals for various events. While you’re at it, you might also want to consider picking a type of a catering company, so that you can specialize in time.

2. Editorial services

Editorial services are great due to the fact that they don’t require great initial costs. Also, you have a wide variety of tasks to choose from. For instance, you can consider proofreading, fact checking and copy editing, all of which are fairly simple and beginner-friendly. They also don’t require any specialized software with an expensive license. You can also provide localization (Australian, Canadian, UK or American English). Those who are more literature-savvy might want to offer manuscript evaluation services.

3. A cleaning business

One of the greatest opportunities for you to launch a proper startup without much previous experience is to consider doing so in the cleaning industry. Like the previous two ideas, you get a chance to choose a sub-specialization. Those who want to have a bit of a head start should start making a budget and seriously consider the cleaning franchise cost. The cost, however, can be quite misleading, due to the fact that you get much more for your money’s worth. Going green is also a trend that could make you significantly more competitive. Either way, you still keep the option of customizing your business the way you see fit.

4. Bicycle repair

People who love working with their hands probably need to think about starting a bicycle repair business. Reasons behind this are quite numerous. First of all, the mechanics of a bicycle are fairly simple to master, for anyone who is at least a bit mechanic-savvy. In the era of the internet, you can get informed online, learn from online tutorials and order tools and parts from online platforms. This means that as long as there’s will on your part, there are definitely means for you to pull it all off. Just prepare for the fact that a learning curve might not be as beginner-friendly as you’ve expected it to be.

5. Personal trainer

Provided that you’re a fit individual who enjoys various aspects of physical exercise, you need to think about becoming a personal trainer. Getting certified should be your first step. However, becoming a certified trainer might just be the first step on your path towards success. In order to make it in this industry, you also need to be a great motivational speaker, as well as know a thing or two about nutrition. All of the latter might seem optional, but remember that this is a competitive field, which will require you to make some extra effort.

6. Online tutor

If you have a skill that can be transferred onto others through online courses, this is definitely something that you need to take into consideration. If nothing else, then your knowledge of the English language alone might prove to be invaluable to the vast Asian market. At first, you can find an agency to work through, just until you learn the ropes. Later on, you can find your own clients and negotiate with them directly. This will maximize your profit quite a bit. Those who have a more developed entrepreneurial side might soon start hiring tutors of their own.


Starting any business is a great challenge and even if you’re just a one-person startup, the truth is that it takes a lot of courage for to become an entrepreneur. Running your own business is a frightening thing but the thrill of success, the surplus in your budget and doing something that truly matters are all notions that are more than worth the trouble.