Are There Any Long Term Health Benefits To Regular Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage is simply the systematic body assessment and observation that aims to treat the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues. The treatment is bespoke to every patient’s needs, finding the root cause of the discomfort to alleviate symptoms for good. The massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain by ridding the tissue of metabolic wastes, including uric acid and lactic acid. The massage improves blood circulation and stretches the tendons and ligaments, keeping them both subtle and young. Are there any long term health benefits to regular remedial massage? Let’s take a closer look.

Relaxes the body

Remedial massage promotes a feeling of calm and relaxation. This occurs partly because remedial massage encourages the release of endorphins — brain chemicals that produce feelings of happiness. This therapy is the enemy of depression and anxiety. While it will not solve all the problems in your life, the massage will reduce the production of a stress related hormone called cortisol therefore making you feel relaxed and stress-free. One of the massage experts from Varda Spa was kind enough to contribute “Remedial massage has long been one of our most popular treatments, and in most cases it is to unwind after a long working week. A good remedial massage really helps you let go of the stressful day.”

Improve sleep

Enough sleep is crucial for healthy functioning, and better quality sleep is important to your health and wellness. But millions of people experience sleep issues that take a toll on their health, often leading to low productivity at work, slowed reaction time and higher risk of long-term conditions. Remedial massage has been shown to help encourage a restful sleep in infants, kids, adults, as well as people with psychiatric disorders, cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia and lower back pain.


Boost immunity

If you have low immunity, consider a remedial massage at least once a week. Clinical studies have proven that regular remedial massage can naturally increase the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity. An experiment done in 2010 by a group of scientists found that adults who underwent regular remedial massage had an upsurge in the responses of their white blood cells and endocrines — two primary components of the body’s resistance to certain diseases.

Greater joint mobility

Remedial massage has a direct effect on the muscular system by lengthening and stretching tight muscles, relaxing and freeing overused muscles, helping in tissue regeneration and also minimizing spasms and muscular cramping. Moreover, remedial massage can counteract the imbalance caused by poor sitting posture, meaning you can keep your job providing that you pay your therapist a visit on a regular basis.

Improved circulation

Blood circulation is a crucial part of the body’s overall health. An increase in blood flow in the body can benefit the heart, the body’s muscles and the arteries. Increased blood flow improves oxygen rich blood circulation to extremities. The skin also benefits a great deal from an increase in blood flow. And as you know, a healthy skin fights off bacteria and virus that it comes in contact with. Remedial massage encourages blood flow not just to the tissue being treated, but also to all parts of the body.

So there you have it, long-term health benefits you can enjoy from regular sessions with a remedial massage therapist. There may be other long-term health benefits of this massage therapy that we have not listed. That just shows that this massage isn’t just mere rubbing of the muscles and joints.