Top Online Self Education Platforms

Some people are really self starters who don’t necessarily have to attend school to learn. The great thing about education is that it occurs spontaneously as you go through life. However, sometimes you need a reliable source of information gathered by other scholars and learners. Here are some online platforms that might be good for your self-education efforts. is very popular with many users because they offer manageable bits of information that you can easily absorb in small amounts of time. The platform is also very much in demand because there are so many fields of interest that you can tap into when you are so inclined. The scope of the information is vast yet remains relevant at the same time. is also a good place to get information because they sell audio books over the Internet. The neat thing about audio books is that you can play them on your mobile device or computer while you are commuting or driving to work and school. You can also listen to audio books while you exercise or do chores. Even running errands gets more educational if you have an mp3 to play your audio book file while you walk around. The only problem might be being able to get enough funds to download all the audio books that appeal to you.

Of course, who can forget that lovable and reliable Wikipedia? Like its name implies, it acts as an online encyclopaedia with a diverse range of topics you can sit down with you Ray-Ban glasses and read through for hours. Being an open source platform, you can easily get the information you want when you want it. Only one setback – the articles are written by ordinary folk so the information you glean from Wikipedia might be challenged by self proclaimed experts later on. Still, if you really need information fast, Wikipedia is a good place to go.

Many schools also offer their own platforms for self education. So you have examples like Harvard Medical School, Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School and Boston College Front Law, to name just a few. These platforms were probably set up to serve the students currently enrolled in these schools but the general public also stands to benefit if they choose to visit their sites.

With the advent of the Internet, you will never find it hard to get multiple sources of knowledge. This is good because a highly educated community is one that can find solutions to its own problems. Maybe eventually you too can post information at these self education platforms for the benefit of everyone.