All You Need to Know About Wearing a Wig Properly

People wear wigs for a wide range of different reasons, such as to cover hair loss or simply for fun.

If you have never worn a wig before and find that this is something you would like to start doing, you will certainly want to know how to do it well.

The quality of wigs has improved in recent years, both in terms of the materials’ texture and appearance. This has made it so that it is not always possible to know when someone is wearing a wig, so you can easily appear to still have your natural hair.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

You might find that your self-esteem and confidence take a hit when you are wearing a wig for the first time. However, by reading and embracing the following advice, you can ensure that you continue to feel good and look good too.

Trusting a professional hair salon, such as, to help you style and maintain your wig is a fantastic idea. This can give you the peace of mind that you have made a good choice, wear your wig properly, and maintain your sense of style.  

Pick the Best Quality Wig

It will be important that you pick a wig that is made with care and precision. It is equally important that you choose the accurate size so that you get a perfect fit.

When you are investigating the quality of a potential wig, check out the inner cap and the hair itself. The cap can make a huge difference to how natural the wig looks.

Prepare Your Head

If you have experienced complete hair loss, and this is why you are wearing your wig, you will not have to undergo much preparation. However, if you have only experienced partial hair loss, you will need to prepare the remaining hair.

If you have some short hair on your head, then you will want to brush this hair away from your face and then hold it down with a pin. It can be helpful if you use some hair spray for this to ensure the hair remains in place under the wig.

If you have longer hair and wish to conceal it under the wig, then it can be best to create two French plaits with all of the hair. You can then cross the plaits together and secure them in place with a small grip.  

The wig cap will also help you to manage any existing hair that you do have.

Securing Your Wig

When you put your wig on, you will want to tilt your head forward and then line up the front of the wig with the front of your hairline, or where your hairline used to be.

Adjust the wig until it is completely comfortable on your head and feels like a natural fit with the hairline.

Once you are happy that the wig is in a good position, you can secure it firmly in place with clips and tape or just one of these options. You are then good to go!