9 Facts About Stretch Marks You Might Not Know

Stretch marks seem to just be a part of life, but can make a lot of us feel a little self-conscious about flaunting our stuff at the beach or by the pool on holiday. But, to make you feel that little bit better about these naturally occurring marks, we’re sharing 9 facts about stretch marks and how to reduce the appearance of them, that you might not have heard before.

1. Stretch marks are incredibly common

They tend to appear when the skin has had to expand quickly over a short period of time. Say, for example, when you’re pregnant.

And while it might feel like you’re the only person you know with visible marks, you’ll be glad to hear that actually 70% of women say they have stretch marks on their tum, while 55% have them on their thighs.

2. There are two types

If you think your stretch marks don’t look like everyone else’s, there might be a reason for it: There are two types of stretch mark – or at least, two stages that make the appearance different. When the mark first appears, it will be a reddish purple. In this occurrence, the skin has expanded but is still trying to heal itself. Meanwhile the second stage is white lines, where the stretch mark has turned into a scar. While they’re still purple, there’s a good chance that oils and creams can reduce or heal the marks. Scar-like lines are much harder to treat.

3. You’re more likely to have them if your parents do

There’s evidence to suggest that genetics does play a part in whether or not you’ll develop stretch marks. So, even if you’re teeny tiny, there’s still a chance you’ll get stretch marks simply due to genetics.  

4. Any body type can develop them

It’s easy to think that it’s just plus sized people, or expecting mothers that gain stretch marks. But in actual fact, any size or shape of body can experience these little lines.

5. Stretch marks aren’t harmful

Even if they look a little sore, they’re totally harmless, so you have nothing to worry about on that front. They’re naturally occurring, and their appearance will soften over time.

6. Hydration is key

Staying hydrated is a great way to keep the appearance of stretch marks at bay.

7. Massage can reduce the appearance

Massage is often overlooked for stretch marks, but using oils, butters and massage can be really effective for lessening the appearance of the marks. It doesn’t require you to be particularly skilled in massage, but it’s always nice to treat yourself, isn’t it? Let the professionals at utopiabeautique.com do their thing.

8.  Weight loss won’t completely erase them

But it can soothe or minimize their appearance.

9. A good diet can help

To maintain your skin’s elasticity, make sure to incorporate vitamin E, A and omega 3 into your diet. This should overall reduce the chance of developing stretch marks in the first place, but also help reddish purple marks heal.