9 Reasons To Quit Smoking Today

When you’re a habitual smoker, it is daunting to suddenly stop. There will always be a reason why it’s too hard to quit, but it’s never too late to try. Today, you will have a lot of help from premium vaporizers which serves as your aid in the transition period to eventually quitting the habit of smoking the real cigarette.

The human body is amazingly resilient. Nourish it with a healthy lifestyle and you will find it will take care of you too. For extra help along the way, try a natural supplement. We like Consumer Advisors for unbiased reviews on supplements in order to know which ones are truly worth our money, you can click here for more information about it.

So, here are 9 reasons you’ll want to quit smoking:

1.  The Smell

Most people will be able to identify the smell of smoke a mile away, and it is not pleasant. Strangely, most smokers agree with this notion. A study has revealed that most smokers are self-conscious when their clothing smells of cigarette smoke. The study found that smokers despised the way their breath smelt after a single cigarette.

2. Premature Aging

The common occurrence found in smokers is that they age faster than non-smokers, at least in appearance. They develop deep wrinkles on their face and their skin changes. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, smoking has been proven to expedite the aging process. Smoking constricts the blood vessels thereby depriving the living skin tissue of oxygen.

3. Dating

Finding love in today’s world is challenging enough without adding smoking to the mix. If you peruse dating sites, you will find copious profiles of singles requesting to meet a non-smoker.

4.  The Cost

Most smokers are regulars, therefore, they usually smoke a packet a day. In certain states, a packet can cost as much as $10, which includes federal and state taxes. In a month, a smoker can spend, on average, $300 for cigarettes.

5. Infections

While the majority of smokers are well informed about the possible diseases that they may contract such as lung cancer, they are not aware that smoking increases the risk of flu and colds. Cigarette smoke damages cilia, small hairs that line the respiratory tract which protects us from infection. Interestingly, it will take cilia only a month to reprise their protective role, after the smoker has quit.

6. Infecting Others

The statistics for second-hand smoke deaths are exponential. In a report titled The Health Consequences of Smoking by the surgeon general, it attributes staggering statistics due to secondhand smoke. For example, each year there are 7,330 deaths from lung cancer and 33,950 deaths due to secondhand smoke alone!

7. Better Sleep

Studies have proven that smokers are much more likely to feel unrested after a night’s sleep than non-smokers.

8. Hearing Loss

Many smokers have reported experiencing a ringing sound in their ears. Health experts have stated that smokers are 70% more likely to develop hearing problems than people who do not smoke.

Change Your Life

Only you have the power to change your life and quit smoking. Do you love yourself enough to try?