How to find the cheapest car insurance as a college student

Saving money as a student seems like it’s a never ending and impossible task, always needing to be thinking ahead to ensure you won’t be caught short at the end of the month on bills like electricity, rent and car insurance. Despite always needing to have it at the forefront of your mind, saving money as a student doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming and can be as simple as cutting back expenditures or simply using some innovation when it comes to putting money away for a rainy day, with car insurance being one of the easiest ways you can start saving money now. Check out these top ways that students can find cheaper car insurance so they don’t have to go as far as giving up their wheels.

Shop Around

It’s no secret that shopping around to see various providers can be one of the best ways to find the cheapest car insurance quotes for you and your needs. Ask friends and family as well as other students in similar situations which insurance providers they are using and see if anyone has anything specific to say about various providers or suggestions on great plans or packages. 

Compare Quotes And Packages

Once you find a company or two that you want to explore further, request or check out packages and quotes online. Sometimes phoning the company up will get you a better, more personalised package which can cut costs way back. After all, if you’re a student why pay for something you aren’t going to need or use? Comparing quotes or asking for a personalised package if possible is a great way to save money and ensure you’re getting exactly what you need. 

Consider Usage Based Insurance

Off the back of paying for only what you need or use, consider asking for usage based insurance. This type of insurance is calculated only based off how much you use your vehicle as well as where and when you drive it. This can be a much cheaper alternative than expensive insurance plans, resulting in you paying literally for just the days you drive. A great option for casual or weekend drivers, this can be perfect literally for those shuttling themselves to and from college.

Prove Yourself

When in doubt, proving yourself is simply one of the best ways to get cheaper car insurance. Those of you with excellent track records and no claims on your insurance can sometimes fetch way better prices than those who have had a few small claims for various reasons. Even claiming small fender benders and the like on insurance can make your costs rack up quickly.

So if you’re just starting college or you’re just starting to drive, one thing is for certain and that’s if you’re in college or any other kind of education it’s likely you can score some much cheaper car insurance if you hunt around. For multiple other ways to save as well as suggestions on some top rated insurers who offer cheap car insurance for college students, be sure to read the article for some great tips and ideas to take your savings to the next level.