5 Benefits Of A Medical Facial Peel

A medical skin peel is a procedure where chemicals are applied to the skin in order to remove dead skin and allow the new skin underneath to regenerate.

After just a single treatment you will notice that your skin is fresher and younger-looking, and there are multiple other benefits, too.

Helps with acne and acne scarring

Chemical peels are incredibly effective in the treatment of both acne, and acne scars. Acne is more than spots, it’s actually an inflammatory skin condition. Medical facial peels are thought to reduce inflammation in the skin, and therefore help with acne.

They also decrease oil production, kill bacteria and break down plugged hair follicles. Plus, because the chemical peel removes the top layer of dead skin, it means that any topical acne treatments can be more readily absorbed, making them more effective.

People who have had acne in the past are often left with scarring, that can look like bumps or dips in the skin. Acne scarring is created by the production of collagen, which can be broken down by the chemical peel and therefore help with the appearance of acne scars.

Improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin

If your skin has been damaged by the sun, it may appear mottled and red. You may also develop fine wrinkles and an uneven skin tone.

Chemical peels can be helpful in reducing the appearance of sun damage. The damaged layers of skin are taken away, and the newer healthy skin underneath is encouraged to regenerate. This leaves skin looking smoother and younger.

It’s quick and easy

The medical peel facial is one of the quickest and simplest cosmetic treatments that you can get, and it’s also non-invasive and usually painless. This makes it much easier to schedule into your life than other types of aesthetic procedures.

It’s most often performed on the face, but you can have a chemical peel anywhere on the body. You can also have it at any time of year, so you can schedule it at a time that suits you.

Generally, you will notice results from your chemical peel straight away. You will leave with your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated!

Helps your skincare products to perform better

Because the top layers of skin that were clogged with dirt and oil have been removed, it means that your skincare products can perform much better.

The top layer of skin can act as a barrier, preventing your skin care from being properly absorbed and doing what it needs to do. By removing that layer, your skin care products can be more readily absorbed by your skin, which means that they can get to work much more efficiently.

Softer, deeply exfoliated skin

A huge part of the medical facial peel is that it is exfoliating. This means that not only will your skin appear younger, brighter and fresher, but it will feel softer, too.

The rougher damaged top layer of skin will have been taken away, leaving the newer layers underneath, which are softer to the touch.