5 Things all Dental Care Professionals Should Provide According to Dr. Kami Hoss

We all know that looking after our teeth is important to overall health. This is why it is so important that people have regular dental checkups, which is classed as preventative care. Sometimes, however, there are serious conditions of the dental area, which require urgent dental care. The dreaded root canal treatment (RCT) is also something that most people have heard of. And then, there are those people who want to make their teeth look better and visit a cosmetic dentistry. According to Dr. Kami Hoss, there are five key things that you must be able to expect from all dentists, regardless of the type of care you need.

1. Experience Is Everything According to Dr. Kami Hoss

First of all, it is vital that the dental practice has all the necessary and relevant experience. This is true not just for the dentist, but also the dental assistants, dental hygienists, receptionists, and anyone else in the clinic. Good clinics specialize in a variety of different areas of dentistry, including:

  1. Prosthetics such as crowns, bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants.
  2. Endodontics such as tooth colored fillings, pulpotomy, and root canals.
  3. Orthodontics such as myofunctional appliance control, serial extractions, and brace procedures.
  4. Cosmetic dentistry such as laser bleaching, teeth whitening, and smile designing.

2. Convenient, Easy Access to Care

Secondly, it is important that you are able to access the care you need without having to worry for long periods of time. This is all about having excellent patient satisfaction. Again, this is true regardless of which type of dental procedure or care you need. All patients should be able to get an appointment as soon as possible.

3. Services When You Need Them

Dental clinics should, obviously, always be open when people need them. They should also offer 24/7 emergency services. Dental emergencies do not wait for convenient opening hours. Someone may experience a sudden emergency during a holiday or the middle of the night, for instance. One way in which some dental offices have done this, is by starting mobile dental vans, which are managed by multiple clinics at the same time. This ensures people can not just received 24/7 care, but also have to avoid commuting.

4. The Highest Hygiene Standards

It is important that dental offices are fully clean and have the best possible hygiene procedures. This means all equipment should be properly sterilized. Additionally, patient waiting areas and the reception areas should be completely clean.

5. Friendly, Approachable Staff with Excellent Teeth

Last but not least, the entire team at the dental office should be friendly and responsible and they should have fantastic dental hygiene themselves. Even if you cannot see the staff, for instance by speaking to them over the telephone, they should be approachable and knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable and at ease. They should not have bad breath, chipped teeth, or other dental problems that are easy to fix either.

By looking into these five issues, you are guaranteed to find a good dental professional.