Essentials for Your Teen’s Remote Learning Space

Photo credit: Compare Fibre/Amvia on Unsplash

Remote learning, which became necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic, looks like it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Although some schools are returning to in-person learning in the fall, others are moving to hybrid or fully online learning models. To increase your high schooler’s productivity while taking virtual classes from home, it’s important to set them up for success with their remote learning space.

So, while they’re taking their online algebra course for high school credit, they can also be comfortable and well equipped for success. Below you’ll find the essential items your teen should have in their remote learning space to maximize productivity.

Create a Designated Space

It’s essential to provide a designated learning space for your teen. Not only will this help them feel comfortable and increase productivity, but it also creates a divide between school and home. This space should only be utilized while they are learning or doing homework to help create separation between work and play.

A desk or table with a comfortable chair is ideal for this space. It should provide enough space for them to spread out, place their computer, and write in their notebooks and such. It should also be somewhere quiet where your teen can concentrate.

Desk Lamp

On top of the desk or table, you should put a desk lamp to better illuminate your teen’s learning space. Staring at a computer all day isn’t the healthiest activity for your eyes, so having a lamp with adjustable lighting can help put less strain on their eyes and prevent headaches.

Some lamps even come with an electric outlet, which makes charging their computer easier. To customize their space, your teen can choose a lamp that matches their style.

Whiteboard or Wall Calendar

Hang a whiteboard or wall calendar near your teen’s workspace so they can write notes, reminders, due dates, and tasks they want to accomplish that day. This will help them stay productive and ensure they get their assignments finished on time.

This is also a great way for teens to stay organized while also expressing their own style through drawings, magnets, pictures, and more.


What better way to stay organized than with specific desktop and drawer organizers? This is the perfect way to store all of your teen’s pencils, papers, books, notebooks, and sticky notes.

Additionally, when your teen has a clean and organized learning space, they are more likely to stay focused when attending their classes. There is less chance for distraction when everything is neat and clean.

A Touch of Self Expression

One of the benefits of having a designated remote learning space is that your teen can decorate and organize it how they wish. This isn’t something they can do with their desks at school.

At home, they have the freedom to express themselves and their style to make the space feel individualized and comfortable while they study. This can help them stay focused and even look forward to attending their online classes. Plus, it allows them to unleash their creativity.