Outdoor Furniture Trends at a Commercial Level

Bustling cafes, staycations, and trendy rooftop bars are all embracing the allure of outdoor areas. With this growing demand comes a need for stylish and functional outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements while creating an inviting ambience for customers, so they’ll go repeatedly to you.

Those who are in the food industry know that the patio area is more than just an aesthetic place where customers can hang out and take pictures. Instead, they actually serve as an extension for those who want to breathe in fresh air and experience al fresco dining at the same time. This is why the commercial usage of outdoor furniture that you should choose should be able to withstand the elements while reflecting the style and ambiance of the venue. Other trends that are going on today are the following:

Sustainable Materials and Designs

As more businesses strive to be environmentally conscious, the demand for sustainable options has also increased significantly. Nowadays more natural materials are dominating the commercial scene, and teak is one of the most sought-after materials. Its golden hue and intricate patterns can bring texture and warmth regardless of the setting.

Natural wood oils can also prevent cracking, splintering, and rocking, and this is an investment with a higher price tag that’s really worth it. Pair this with a concrete, bluestone, or limestone table, and you’re good to go. Get a more versatile and timeless loo and get an airy waive for your patio.

Modular Furniture

Maximizing space and functionality has become a top priority in commercial outdoor spaces, leading to the rise of multi-functional pieces because their versatility is designed to serve multiple purposes, allowing businesses to make the most out of their limited outdoor area. See more about them on this page here.

Ottomans, sectional chairs, and other sofas can now be rearranged according to the event or the weather. Larger spaces can easily be made, and they’re able to handle better seating capacity and minimize cluttered looks.

Hidden storage and cabinets can also be convenient, and others can have fire pits and umbrellas built into the table’s structure. Innovative pieces can be transformed from a regular dining table into a cozy seating area with just a few adjustments, and many restaurants or cafes find it perfect if they want to offer both dining and lounging options in their outdoor space.

Modular seating consists of individual pieces that can be rearranged to create different configurations to allow businesses to easily adapt their seating arrangements based on customer demand or event requirements, so this is also an ongoing trend that many people appreciate. 

More versatility can be found with multi-functional benches that double as storage units, as they not only provide extra seating but also offer a convenient place for customers to store their belongings while enjoying the outdoor environment.

Graceful Transitions from Indoors to Outdoors

Commercial pieces are often designed to integrate into both homes and businesses, and it’s expected that they are going through larger sliding doors where the overall looks are seamless. Restaurants are also expected that what’s displayed outside is going to complement the ones in the interior and the décor so there will be no mismatch.

Fortunately, you can buy those chairs and cushions that will prevent any sudden and jarring shifts in your style. Collections are now becoming more color-coordinated to create better synchronization, and there are also minimalist styles where breathable areas are the norm. This just gives off the sense of better sophistication, and along with the classic cushions and natural materials, they are already taking the lead when it comes to the modern looks.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Gone are the days of neutral tones dominating the scene, and nowadays, businesses are embracing vibrant hues and eye-catching designs to create a memorable experience for their customers. It’s now becoming evident through their bright green artificial turf and others that create a luxurious and fun environment. 

Bolder patterns add an element of fun and excitement to any outdoor setting and can instantly uplift the mood and create a visually stimulating environment that grabs attention. Whether it’s through cushions, patterned umbrellas, or statement furniture pieces, these bold choices inject personality into the space.

Incorporating geometric patterns into the walls can also work, and there are chevron prints or intricate shapes that add a modern touch while still maintaining a sense of sophistication. They can be used on upholstery, pillows, or even as accents on tables and chairs.

Another way businesses are embracing bold colors is by using them as focal points in their outdoor design scheme. Choosing one standout color as the main feature creates visual interest without overwhelming the space. For example, a bright red bench amidst an otherwise neutral backdrop can become an instant conversation starter for guests who prefer dining outside a refreshing area.

Also, businesses are experimenting with contrasting color combinations to create dynamic visual effects. Pairing complementary colors such as blue and orange or yellow and purple adds depth and energy to the overall aesthetic.