Space-Saving Furniture Ideas

In this day and age, having more storage space is in higher demand than ever. Far more people are renting than 10 years ago, and this limits how much power you have to tweak a property than if you owned it. But space-saving is also a priority for many homeowners. As developers now seek to fit more on one plot of land, we are finding that these houses are smaller than they were in 1970.  

If you can recognise yourself in either of these plights, chances are you need to get creative with space-saving furniture. 

Innovative space-saving ideas

When you buy furniture, think about how it can help you save space. Some of the best ones can fold up, down or away when not in use. There are also ways to take advantage of unused space that might not have previously been on your radar. 

  • A mounted wall desk. This is a simple desk for your work-from-home days that can fold into the wall on days when you’re not using it.
  • A fitted wardrobe, custom-made for your bedroom. No matter how small or awkward the space, there’s usually a way to build one of these into your bedroom and free up more floor space!
  • A dining table with some extra surface space to pull out when needed. 
  • High shelves and other storage space. Frame your room with extra storage space that looks chic and helps you keep things off the floor. Floating shelves look particularly neat and unobtrusive. 

Multi-purpose furniture

Let’s face it; it’s probably the furniture itself that takes up most of the room in our homes. Reduce how much of it you have by getting multi-purpose furniture! Some examples include:

  • A sofa bed or a wall bed with a desk. This is perfect for people who like to have house guests but don’t have the luxury of a spare room. 
  • A storage ottoman that doubles as a seat or a bench. They’re great for stashing away shoes and bags. 
  • Under-bed storage. Buying a bed that doesn’t have this feels like a wasted opportunity! You could get a bed with individual storage drawers or, even better, one with a huge storage space revealed by pulling the mattress up!

Pros and cons 

In most cases, the pros outweigh the cons of space-saving furniture. It’s easier to have a tidier living area and it usually makes moving house more convenient because there’s less to transport between properties. 

If you’re buying a sofa bed, do compare a few first and try to see what the mattress is like in person before you place an order. You’ll probably want to keep those house guests in reasonably good spirits by giving them a good night’s sleep, not a sore back! 

Try and ensure the space-saving furniture of choice is easy to operate as well. As with anything, it’s best to compare products and read reviews before you buy.