5 Tips To Sexify Your Garden (Without Breaking The Bank)

Owning a house can be very expensive, decorations, furniture, bills and maintenance costs can often cause heavy strain on the finances so when it comes to redesigning anywhere in your home, the money that you can save is usually best spent on the areas that you use most, the kitchen and the living room. One area that is usually last on the list for spending money is the garden, although it is an area of the home that, if done right, can bring a lot of joy and happiness when you look at it and when you spend time there. The solution is simple, get your garden looking sexy and do it with a super small budget, ok, perhaps not so simple but most certainly do-able and here are some ideas for how you can achieve it.


Go Old School

When it comes to sexing up your garden, one of the best places to start is with old stuff, particularly metal, the contrast between fresh nature and old rusty metal looks brilliant and more importantly, you can gather things for free or next to nothing. Old bicycle wheels, old kettles as plant pots, pots and pans, they all look great and can give a vintage touch to your garden.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is not only cheap to make but it look fantastic in your back garden and provides a place to relax. Making  fire pit will take a bit of work but won’t cost the earth, simply clear some space in you garden, buy some sand, even the cheapest is fine, and place seats or cut logs around your fir to sit at. Then when the night draws in, light up a fire and sit around and enjoy.

Liven the Senses

You may not have the money to buy huge trees or hardy plants but heavily scented plants will bring your garden to life, herbs like lavender and mint are perfect for this and a herb garden can help you both in the kitchen and in the garden. One great way to do this for cheap is to buy one of those hanging shoe racks, pop it on a wall and use each hole for different herbs, it will become a talking point and a beautifully smelling herb garden.

Go Arty

Something that not many people do is to put art in their garden, at times this may be because of the effect that the weather will have on pictures and frames but you can avoid this by spraying a heavy, protective lacquer onto the painting. Hang a few old pictures up, you can pick them up very cheaply at flea markets or charity shops and hey presto, you have a touch of class in your garden.


The effect of mirrors in your garden, broken ones in particular give it a really cool look. You can pick old mirrors up really cheap and they not only help to make your garden look bigger but placed correctly and they can reflect sunlight into different areas of your garden, cool, quirky and stylish, get some mirrors into your garden.