How to Wear Regular Clothes During Pregnancy

We can agree that there is so much going on for the ladies who are about to be new moms soon, starting from tough physical, emotional and psychological changes to everything else that comes along with this journey. Also, that’s exactly the time when the phrase “what should I wear?” finally gets its true meaning. However, being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up your fancy taste, and that the only options you can get are wide clothing your mom used to wear when she was pregnant. Just because your baby bump got visible, doesn’t mean that fashion is off limits for you. You can easily stick to your regular clothing and look just as hot as before. There are a few fashion tips that will help you look incredible during these nine months, so buckle up and follow the list down below.

Your jeans are still on

While it’s tempting to immediately switch to maternity clothes in the new pregnancy excitement, not so fast. When you see the prices for maternity clothes, you’ll want to stick to your normal wardrobe for as long as possible. The most common mistake a pregnant woman could do is to immediately go for an XL department. Of course you’ll gain some pounds, but that’s still not a reason to wear clothes that will make you look like a potato sack. This option is far from fashion principles, and it doesn’t flatter your figure at all. Many stylists advise pregnant women to wear clothes that will emphasize their silhouette. A simple and tight cotton shirt that shows off your belly is way sexier than an oversized shirt. Plus, your fave skinny jeans are still in the game, so don’t ditch them the moment you find out you’re pregnant. However, you can wear maternity jeans straight away and feel comfy wherever you go. You can find them in black or indigo that offers tummy support with a low front and high back rise. Plus, for the women who like the baggy fit you can wear mom jeans with ripped knees and many other styles that suit your taste.

A dress to impress

While still having a mini bump you can basically wear anything you want. One thing is sure, maxi bodycon ankle-length dresses or even shorter will perfectly accentuate your bump and the bum, and you’ll still look sexy and cute. Find these in different colors and patterns, long sleeves or short and you’ll look fabulous. Instagram beauty and fashion bloggers Kenza Soudeen Subosic and Kristy J Green, who are currently expecting, are perfect examples of how pregnancy and style go hand in hand. Their awesome sense of fashion reflected on their maternity days as well, so it’s safe to say you can rock your pregnancy too!

You can still look good at the beach

And no, you don’t have to stick to one-piece swimsuits. There are a few tricks on how to look gorge at the beach without having to hide your belly. Get yourself a perfect beach white shirt to wear with your bikini tops and bottoms. Also, fishnet dresses are a killer combo for all the hot mamas out there. Wrap your beach dress with a straw belt and there goes your chic beach style. And don’t forget to accessorize your preggo beach days with some golden hoop earrings, Ray Bans and subtle golden layered chokers.

The outfit that gives you life

If you want to look super cute, then high waisted wide leg pants matched with a front tie top in the same design is like a dream come true. Also, flared skirts with cute spaghetti strap crop tops are a lovely combo for the summer days and it will make you look feminine and fresh.

As you can see, being a mom to be doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your good looks for your sweet bundle of joy. By following these tips, be sure you’ll look fab during every trimester.