7 Must-Follow Essentials to Look Professional & Polished

There are several must follow essentials that can help you to look professional and polished.

Dark Suit

The first essential item is a dark two pieced suit. This can be in a navy blue, black, or dark grey. But the suit is the foundation of having a professional look while you are at work. This is because you will have the ability to pair the suit with anything else that you have in your closet. This is something that you should be able to establish a going item when you know that you want to look as professional as possible. Plus if you are a little bold, then you can add a pop of colour.

Light suit

The second essential item is a two-piece suit that is lighter in colour. You will be able to show a lot of personality and attitude with a light suit. You can wear a dove grey or pale blue suit that is definitely going to get you noticed at the office.

Plus you have the option of freshening up your more traditional pinstriped suit with some brighter colours like tan and white. But you can also pair this type of suit with a white shirt and a black and grey tie. If you are wearing a chino suit, then you can wear a shirt that is a little bit darker.

White shirt

The third essential item is a white button-down shirt. This is something that will go great no matter what colour suit that you are wearing. This is especially true if you are a classy man. Plus it can make you more casual if this is something that you are going for.

A casual look with a white button-down shirt and a pair of jeans that is combined with a noticeable stylish belt. If you are looking to make a statement, then you could pair it with some suspenders or a bow tie. A v-neck sweater can make the outfit look a little more elegant. Also, one can add on leather men wallet for enhancing the overall look.

Colour shirt

The fourth essential item is a button down shirt with colour. This includes the shirts that are multicoloured or have patterns on them. The solid colours can range from a pa. le blue to a bright orange. This is because you will have the ability to pair them with a dark or light suit and when you do the different types of shirts, it will show your creative side. If you are trying to be playful, then you can wear a polka dot shirt. One of the biggest trends in men’s fashion now is the colour blocking. A coloured button down shirt can be paired with a complementary tie when you are trying to look sharp at work.

Tweed jacket

The fifth essential item is a tweed jacket. In the autumn and the weather is a little bit breezy, then you a tweed jacket will be something that can keep you warm on those cool mornings. Since it will be different shades of the yard that are weaved together, it is good to pair some pants of the same colour as the share of the fabric.

The three main types of tweed are broken-check, glen-plaid, and district-check. You can wear this with some brogue boots and messenger bags so that you look stylish. If you are looking for the authentic history professor look, then you can pair it with a dark gingham shirt or a bright solid colour shirt.


The sixth essential item is a waistcoat. This is the three-piece of a black tie suit and it is one of the best ways to show off how successful you are. But it possible to wear the waistcoat for a more casual look if you choose to wear it with tan pants and black loafers. You could also wear it with some dark jeans and suede boots. There is a little bit of bohemian that might be the right touch that the flamboyant man might need to show off his personality to the office.

Dark Jeans

The last essential item is a pair of dark jeans. If your work has casual Friday, then you will be happy to wear your favourite pair of jeans. This is best if you complement those dark jeans with some dress shoes. But if you are wanting to be completely relaxed while you are at work, then you can pair the dark jeans with the leather boots that lace up.

There are an endless of possibilities when it comes to the shirts that you will be able to wear with your dark jeans. Since you will be going to work, it is probably a good idea to tuck the shirt into the jeans so that it looks a little bit professional.