Why it is Always Worth Spending Money on Home Design

Most of us would say that we are money conscious, and that there are only a few areas of our lives where we are happy to splurge the cash without abandon. For most people those things on which we are happy to spend are things such as clothes, cars, tech and travel, but what about the home? Just last year we were redecorating the entire downstairs of our home, and we were looking at flooring options, naturally we were leaning towards vinyl and laminate options – looking to keep costs down. Then I saw some solid wood flooring which I fell in love with, and after much wrangling we decided to buy it. One year on and it was 100% the best decision that we made, it looks amazing in the living room! The point of this story is that buying the wood flooring made me realize that the home isn’t the place to cut financial corners, and here is why I believe you should splurge on your home style.


It is a simple fact of life that the large majority of us spend the large majority of our time, in our homes. With this in mind it makes great sense to spend money in the right areas of the home, to ensure that it makes you happy each time that you wake up, and each time that you walk back through the door. Each morning I head downstairs for my coffee, and when my bare feet touch that oak flooring, I am reminded exactly why we spent that little extra.


As long as you are spending the money on items for the home which are offer value for the price-tag, you will find that these are the products which will last longer than the cheaper version. My floor for example will outlast any kind of laminate or engineered flooring chicle which I could have made. In many cases spending big the first time around may end up being cost effective, as it negates the need to spend again on the same item for a long time, not something that a cheaper product can also promise.


The saying that you ‘get what you pay for’ is true in so many cases, especially concerning the home. Often I look at the prices of items for the home with shock, but very often these are the finest products on the market which deserve their price tag – relatively speaking at least – because of the high quality which they can offer. This is of course not to say that everything which is expensive is going to be the very best item for you, there is still a lot of reason to keep your eyes out for great offers and discounts, but when you are faced with a great product that is expensive, you can count on the quality being equal to the price.

Next time you redecorate, why not go ahead and splurge a little?