How to Make Some Extra Money from Home?

Getting an extra job may sound like a great idea until you start doing some basic math and time-management predictions. Let’s say you spend 8 hours at work, with the additional 1 hour of commute (probably even more), so how much time do you have left every day? How much energy? Aside from this, the very fact that you have one more commute to squeeze in is both exhausting and expensive, not to mention the fact that you’re never home and that you have to eat in a canteen or a fast food joint every single day. On the other hand, all of this can be avoided by learning how to make some extra money from home. Here are some tips.

1. Start a blog

With a blog, you stand to make money in many different ways. For instance, you can earn on ads, affiliate links and product sales. This diversity of options is the most important reason why so many people see the blogosphere as such a lucrative field. Nonetheless, in order to maximize your profit, you need to pick a popular and profitable niche. Technology, personal finance, health, nutrition and fitness are universally popular and are, therefore, always a good choice. Most importantly, they give you a plethora of compelling products to link towards, therefore, maximizing your profit.

2. Sell your photos

People who have a decent camera and a talent for photography may find that there are so many people and platforms out there willing to pay for their photographs. Self-publishing authors need these photographs in abundance, seeing as how they alone make their book covers. Bloggers need something high-quality to accompany their texts and there is a myriad of other reasons why people would need professional photographs. Even photos taken with a smartphone (those of a satisfactory quality) are good enough to be sold online and all you have to do is find a suitable platform to sell them on.

3. Paid surveys

A lot of people believe that in order to make money online they need to possess a special tool (like with photography) or a special talent (like being good at writing content) when you can earn money online just by having an opinion. The way in which you can capitalize on this is by doing paid surveys online. In other words, the only type of investment that this money-raising method requires is that of time and effort. The greatest benefit lies in the fact that it doesn’t require a substantial long-term commitment, seeing as how you can always do a couple of surveys when you need the money, unlike with running a blog which requires continuous commitment.

4. Testing websites

One of the greatest hidden opportunities of the digital world is the task of testing websites. Regardless of what kind of SEO and digital marketing effort you decide to make, it all comes down to the quality of your website. This is why people are willing to pay up to $30 per hour for reviewing websites or apps. This means that you can make quite a bit of cash by expressing your opinion on a particular website.

Keep in mind, however, that these platforms most commonly record your voice, as well as your screen. This kind of privacy infringement is not something that everyone is willing to agree on, even though it’s considered a minor nuisance by some. Only in this way can they be 100 percent sure that your thoughts and reviews are genuine. Apart from this, such tasks might become even more vital in the future with the greater inclusion of biometrics into the process.

5. Online juror

The previous two methods revolved around your opinion rather than a skill or a tool, which is also the case with this last online job on our list – the job of an online juror. All that you’re asked is to act as a member of a mock jury so that the attorney in question can prepare their case more efficiently. The only downside of this method is that you need to fit a specific profile, which might lock you out of some cases. Still, there’s more than enough work either way, which is why your biggest concern is finding the most reliable online jury sites to work on.


The reason why we chose the above-listed five items is due to their beginner-friendly nature and the fact that they don’t have complex requirements when it comes to prior experience. Sure, being a professional photographer will ensure you a better start when selling stock photos, same as how being a seasoned writer will help you out in your blogging career, yet, these prerequisites (although preferable) are in no way mandatory.