Warning! Five Moving Pitfalls Which Can Cost You A Fortune

Moving house is something which can potentially cost lots of money if homeowners fall into certain pitfalls. It is important to try and plan as thoroughly as possible before moving day.

Read this guide in order to learn about the most common moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Shopping Around

The most important thing to do before moving is to shop around to compare different removalists. Homeowners will be making a mistake if they just choose the first moving company that they come across. This is because they will not have a chance to compare a wide range of options, and may end up paying an extortionate price. You should draw up a shortlist of five potential candidates before making the final decision on furniture removals.

Going For “Bargain Basement” Rates

When you are moving house, it may be tempting to try and save as much money as possible. One area in which you might try and save lots of money is with the removals company. However, this is a huge pitfall because these companies can often be quite unprofessional and they may not take much pride in their work. If you use an incredibly cheap service, the removalists may be poorly trained. This might result in items being lost or becoming damaged during the moving process. These items could potentially cost a lot of money to be replaced. Choose removals by Adlam Transport.

Not Selling Items When You Have The Chance

In every household, there are lots of items which we cling on to in the hope that one day they will become extremely useful again. However, most of the time these items get transported to the new house where they sit in the attic gathering dust whilst being useful to nobody. You should capitalise and sell these items for a profit before making the big move. Who knows, that old chest of drawers that got put in the attic years ago could potentially be worth thousands of dollars.

Not Taking Care Of Delicate Items Properly

There are dozens of delicate items which may need to be transported during the move. These items could include coffee tables, mirrors and antique furniture. Failing to make sure that these items are wrapped or stored properly could potentially mean that they get damaged during transit. You may have to spend lots of money getting the furniture fixed, or you may spend even more buying some replacements. A professional removals company will be able to wrap or store these items safely. They may also suggest that the items are transported separately to the rest of the furniture.

Trying To Cram Everything Into One Trip

You might want to save time by overloading the truck with all of your possessions. However, this is not a wise move because some items might get broken during the journey. Replacing the items might cost a lot of money, so it is more sensible to do as many trips are as necessary.

Use this guide in order to avoid moving day pitfalls.