Tips to Help You Prevent Carpet Stains When Hosting a Party

Each time that you are asked to host a local party or fundraising event at your home you immediately fall in love with the idea of showing everybody your home and hosting a great party.

Of course, you quickly realize that it also means that your carpets are about to be taken on a quite a journey of potential stains and problems. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Below are some great tips which can help you to minimize the stains which occur on your carpet.

Start With the Front Door

Your front door and entrance way are going to be your first and best defense against stains. Why? Because the majority of stains occur because of debris walked in by guests. For this reason, consider an outdoor shoe rack where guests can leave their shoes before entering your home. For those guests who have recently taken advantage of the Groupon Coupons page for Finish Line, consider a space inside your home at your entrance way where guests can leave their nice shoes.

If you think that your guests will feel uncomfortable walking around in their socks, consider disposable slip-on shoes which you can provide as guests enter your home. Of course, if you aren’t going to provide shoes then it’s a good idea to let your guests know in advance so that they can wear appropriate socks.

If you would prefer that your guests leave their shoes on while they are in your home then replace your outdoor and indoor storage areas with mats. Place a heavy-duty mat outside your home which guests can stomp on to remove heavy debris with another soft mat just inside your home to pick up any remaining dirt and to also give guests a soft entrance into your home.

Choose Your Food Wisely

Choosing which food to prepare and serve can often one of the hardest decisions to make when preparing to host a party. It is also a decision which can impact just how many stains your carpet will see during the night and whether you need professionals like carpert cleaners holladay to come in and deal with the mess.

When choosing your foods, look for options which don’t require dipping sauces or creams. For example, instead of serving chicken wings with dipping sauce, serve then grilled with seasoning.

Limit Where Food Can Go

There is nothing your guests will love more than to load up their plate with messy food and walk around your home socializing. However, this is also the easiest way to incur food spills and stains.

Prevent this by only serving food in easy-to-clean areas and not providing plates or any way for guests to carry food around. This will prevent guests from becoming walking-stains looking for a place to occur.

Just because you agreed to host your neighborhood party doesn’t mean that you agreed to sacrifice the health and look of your carpet. Consider these tips the next time that you are hosting guests and enjoy the party without worrying about stains.