Christmas Dinners Around The World

Human culture is diverse, but one thing that unites us all is the family dinner for Christmas. No matter which country you are in, Christmas is celebrated around the dinner table with friends or family. While this festival is one of sharing and caring, it has now become an eating feast! There’s a plethora of cuisines which are distinct to each culture. Let’s see how the Christmas dinners look like around the world.


In Sweden, the dinner table is called the Swedish julbord. The masterpiece dish of this table is Christmas ham which is boiled and glazed with eggs, mustard and breadcrumbs. When this is ready, you can enjoy ‘dipping in the kettle’ – dunking your hunks of bread in the ham broth. Also, another dish is made of boiled white fish, a selection of pickled and smoked meats, sweet cabbages which are then washed with mulled wine.

Puerto Rico

Getting the turkey ready can be a real headache, but at least you can just put it in the oven and forget about it for a couple of hours. In Puerto Rico, the national dish is a roasted pig called lechón. While this dish is being prepared, two people need to give it all their attention as early as two in the morning. The Puerto Ricans also made an eggnog with coconut milk, rum and condensed milk. Now, if you prefer light drinks, there’s La Danza. This champagne is served with either lime juice, passion fruit juice, strawberry juice or orange liqueur. There’s still a few more days before Christmas, but you can already feel the Christmassy atmosphere at Booty Bingo! Let your mouth water to other delicacies by rolling the reels of Santa In Town slots online.


Indeed, codfish and boiled potatoes are regular Christmas meal but what makes Portugal’s Christmas dinner attractive is the plethora of pastries and sweets, which are made. One of the main pastries is Finhoses. These are strands or ball of spiced and light dough which are dusted with icing sugar. Formigos on the other hand is a mixture of nuts, honey and raisins. But the king of cake is Bolo Rei. This delicious cake is made of fruit gaud and is white on the surface. It can also be dripping of cinnamon and jam!


Germans take the gingerbread house tradition very seriously! They make massive Pfefferkuchenhaus, which are decorated with sweets, candies and icing sugar. If you do not have a sweet tooth, then Grünkohl will be the perfect dish for you- it is a spiced kale stew. Roasted goose draped in dumplings and red cabbage, and dumped into kale stew is the traditional recipe, but every granny has their own little touch!


The traditional Norwegian dinner plate is not for the weak hearts! The dish consists of a steamed head of a sheep… and the ear and eyes should be eaten first, as these are the fattiest parts. Also, the brain is not part of the dinner- it is boiled or fried, and served! Other dish options are Pinnekjøtt or lamb’s rib which are fried. There are hardly any veggies in the dish, but the dessert is made of cloudberries and whipped cream.