5 ways to make a small apartment feel bigger

City life could be overwhelming, especially if your apartment is not big. Maybe the apartment is in a great neighborhood or doesn’t cost much, and so you don’t want to shift to a bigger one. And while the space is limited, there are a lot of things that you can do to make your small apartment feel bigger, including making your balcony comfy for winter

Here are some great ways to make your small apartment feel bigger. 

1- Install a Floor-Length Mirror

Needless to say, a mirror can help you transform a 500-sq.ft studio into a one-bedroom apartment. Therefore, install a floor-length mirror at your apartment wherever possible. It will give you the illusion of more space and make your room look bigger, even if you are short on actual space. Another thing you can do is keep plants in front of the mirror to make it reflect them. This will further make your room appear bigger than it actually is. Also, several studies show that having indoor plants can positively impact your psychological and physiological well-being. Besides, it enhances your apartment’s look. 

Another benefit of installing a floor-length mirror on your apartment is that it allows you to get ready instantly, irrespective of where you are standing in your home. You can even check your whole look (including shoes). 

2- Organize Your Storage

If your home is clustered, your apartment might look smaller than it is. And, most people don’t take enough time to clean their home, probably due to their hectic schedule. But, a small task like organizing things can make your apartment look bigger. Don’t believe me? Here is an image to support my claim. 

The first one (before cleaning the room) makes the apartment look smaller. In fact, it looks like it can’t accommodate more than one person. However, when cleaned, the same room looks like it can accommodate at least 3-4 people. 

Take time to clean your apartment at least once every week. Or you could organize it in a way that you don’t have to do much. For instance, keep things in their place every time you use them. 

3- Buy Furniture with Space

If you have a smaller apartment, you probably don’t have enough space to keep all the items in your home (think about cutlery, video games, blankets, and all other stuff). With furniture that allows you to store things inside it, such as a box bed, you can significantly reduce the consumed space in your home.

If you are a fan of couches, you could opt for a sofa cum bed. They take less space and can be converted into a bed as and when needed. This way you won’t have to worry about guests coming to your home. You can also consider buying furniture with legs (so you can keep things below it). Besides, those few inches can give the illusion of more space. 

4- Choose Shelves instead of Bookcases

I agree, bookcases look nice and can make your apartment look beautiful. However, they don’t allow you to store enough things (apart from the books). Therefore, it is recommended to choose shelves where you can store more than just books. 

You can even consider adding wall-shelves that take less space and can accommodate more things inside it. However, the downside to them is that you cannot move them when you leave your house. 

There are plenty of shelves available both online and offline. Pick the one that suits your style and fits your apartment. 

5- Use a Partition to make space look larger

Partitions are a brilliant way of making your small apartment look bigger. Another reason to use a partition is that it makes your apartment beautiful. Consider all the areas where you can leverage partition, such as your balcony, living room, and kitchen. 

There are various ways to partition your home without building walls, such as accentuating with screens, isolating with curtains and blinds, glass partitions, and sectional sofas. 


Apartment size does matter. However, if you don’t have enough space, you can still make it look bigger with some tweaks and tricks. The five ways mentioned above can help you make a small apartment look bigger. So what are you waiting for? Start implementing them today.