5 Low Cost Ways To Boost Your Home Security

For many people, feeling safe and secure in your own home is something you cannot put a price on. But the flipside of that is, hi tech home security systems can be expensive – seriously expensive.

So while home security really matters, you have to ask yourself this – do you really need to fork out for that integrated IP CCTV and alarm system? Or are there other, low cost but effective ways you can protect your home such as vacant property security.

Here are some clever home security solutions which won’t break the bank.

Create an illusion

Most burglars rely on guessing when people are or are not at home before they strike. Anything you can do to make it difficult for them to tell can work as an effective deterrent. Using blinds is a good way to stop thieves peering into your home to check out whether anyone is home. Another great tip is to set lights and appliances on a timer switch. This doesn’t need to be an integrated smart management system, a low cost adapter from your local DIY store will do. Setting lights to go on and off at random times is a great way to make it look as if someone is home, even if you are on holiday.

Protect entrance points

The obvious way into a home is via its external doors, but most people are security aware enough to protect these with high grade locks. Many burglars therefore look to target other potential weak points, such as windows with only fragile clasps securing them. The key here is to stop would-be intruders getting to these points. A good strong thorny bush planted underneath a ground floor window is as good a deterrent as any.

Fake it

Don’t want to shell out for an alarm system? There is nothing to stop you sticking a dummy alarm box on the side of your home to make it look as if you have one. And why not go a step further, and stick fake security signs up with it – Protected by XXX Security Ltd or similar. And if you have a pet dog, stick up a few ‘Beware of the Dog’ signs. These alone are enough to deter many burglars, but if they want to chance it, one bark and they will be unlikely to hang around to see what the bite is like.

Change your schedule

Although a considerable proportion of burglaries are opportunist, most professional thieves will take some time to case a potential target before before breaking in. As already said, the main thing they want to determine is when you are and are not at home. If at all possible, simply changing your schedule can make this difficult. Take advantage of any opportunities to work from home, and do so on different days. The less predictable you are, the sooner a thief will tire of trying to second guess your movements, and shift their attention elsewhere.

Lock it up

It isn’t just the inside of your home you need to think about securing. Many people keep high value items in their shed or garage, but pay much less attention to the physical security of outdoor storage areas than they do to the inside of their homes. Thieves know this, and will make a beeline for a garage or shed if they think you have something worth stealing. The best option is to secure outdoor doors and windows with a padlock – more than one, preferably. High security padlocks are built to resist any attempts to tamper with them or cut them off, and compared to many security solutions on the market, represent great value for money.

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