Useful Tips for Styling a Hallway in a Family Home

Hallways are one of the busiest areas of a family home. Everyone passes through here on their way to work, school, the shops, and anywhere else they are going. Not surprisingly, the average hallway soon begins to look shabby after a couple of years, so if redecoration and a restyle are on the cards for your hallway, read on for some inspirational ideas.

Walls and Floors

Because this is a high-traffic area, it is sensible to consider the extra wear and tear during the planning stages. In previous eras, wood panelling was common in entrance vestibules and hallways. Wood is hard-wearing and can easily be repaired when it suffers knocks. It can also withstand everyday grime without looking dirty at first glance.

While a modern home might not suit dark oak panelling, vertical tongue and groove cladding painted with gloss is a great option for the lower half of the wall. It can easily be wiped down and will be resistant to damage from sports bags, boisterous dogs, and pushchairs.

If wooden panels don’t appeal, at least use heavy-duty matt emulsion paint for your hallway. Look for paint that can be wiped clean. Darker shades are best for lower sections of the wall. Use a dado rail or border to divide the wall.

Flooring should also be hard-wearing and able to cope with kids and pets. Tiles are a good choice for hallways, but tiling can be cold underfoot unless you install underfloor heating. Another good option is wooden flooring or a cheaper laminate. If you want a floor that can be sanded down and revarnished when it shows signs of wear, solid wood flooring is a great choice. Look at wooden floors Balham for some great ideas.

Don’t forget you can install a hard floor in the hallway and a carpet on the stairs. Carpet runners with decorative stair rods are perfect for a period home.

Finish off your floor with an absorbent doormat or runner to soak up dirt and moisture.


Halls are typically a dumping ground for coats, shoes, bags, umbrellas, sports kits, dog leads, and everything else needed for a trip outdoors. Unless you want your hallway to feel cluttered and untidy, look for suitable storage.

Fitted storage is the best way to maximise space. This can be achieved by converting the space under the stairs if applicable. Create a cupboard with hanging hooks and shelving for smaller items. It’s also a useful home for items like vacuum cleaners.

If this isn’t possible, invest in a stylish shoe rack and fix plenty of coat racks on the wall. A slimline console unit is also useful as a place to drop keys, the post, and smaller items like gloves and hats.  

Decorative Elements

Don’t forget about lighting. Recessed LEDs are great for providing plenty of bright light on dark winter days and nights, but more decorative lighting can work well too, especially in a period home.

Fix an attractive mirror to the wall to reflect natural light and provide a place where you can check your look before heading out.

Finally, hang some nice prints, photos, or artwork as a focal point for visitors. It might distract them from the paw prints on the floor!